Aug 15, 2011

The Procrastinator's Progress
Wow, look at that.  I made it to the "commenter" of the week on nailsbails.  With all honesty if there's one thing I'm really good at, it's procrastinating.  I do not know why I keep doing that and every time I finally have the resolve to quit procrastinating, well, I procrastinate!

But for the longest time I didn't really know what procrastination really means.  For me, hearing it for the first time it was like a big and sophisticated word.  It could mean something nice.  Any word that starts with "pro" usually denotes something nice.  Finally, I realized it was something else when someone used it as a statement in a very negative tone, then I knew it was not good.  But still, picking up the dictionary in the shelf was deferred.

So really, why do we procrastinate?  Why do we love to delay some things?  I mean, we that love to procrastinate.  If you don't procrastinate this post may be ain't for you.  I think it's something like adrenaline rush or something like that.  It's like you delay some urgent task and up to the last minute you do something drastic and still finally manage to do it with style and the crowd goes wild!

I said to myself this morning that I should clean my room but after work I sat down in front of my laptop.  Do the usual and told myself, "Tuesday's going to be the best day to clean my room!"

It's Tuesday, Tuesday
Gotta clean my room on Tuesday
Sweep the floor as I do ballet
It's Tuesday, Tuesday!

Another thing I think we delay things is that we have the ability and the resource to catch up anytime.  With today's resources available you think you can do anything instant!  But, I think it's still wrong but it's quite become a habit.

Anyway, I think I really need to deal with this head on but for now, it's time for me to go to bed.  So, I'll start of tomorrow morning.  Promise!

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