Dec 30, 2011

This year came by so fast that I could still remember the family activities of last year.  I had a toothache, took loads of pain meds and sleep throughout the new year's eve celebration.  When I woke up that morning all I could see was the photos of the delicious food mum made that night.  Not this year, I'm not!  So as we approach the final days of 2011, are you ready for some resolutions? Don't be fooled by people who say resolutions are of no use, these people make up excuses to not evaluate the year that just passed by. Resolutions are a form of evaluation. Try to stick to them, if you can't try again. I'm still summing up mine, I'll give you one though and then some of the highlights I have this month.

Goodbye 2011!  Hello 2012!

Social Media

My one resolution for the year 2012 would be a lesser engagement on social media specifically Twitter and Facebook. I think these platforms have been abused enough by users without us noticing it just because we can post whatever we want to. As I was reviewing my posts on Facebook via the new Facebook Timeline and my Twitter stream, I was quite horrified on how I share every aspect of my life to people I mostly don't know. Food, clothing and the like. Seriously? Do we really need to voice out we just got a haircut? If we translate these statuses into real life situations, it would be seriously annoying. So I'm getting off the social bandwagon and will try to post things that are necessary and essential.


Dec 17, 2011

Quick post.  "One For Iligan" is a campaign raised by Iligan Blogger's Society to request for assistance of the victims of typhoon Sendong in Iligan City.  I grew up in Iligan City, you could say it is also my hometown.  I have very good memories of that place and now seeing this tragedy is breaking.

One For Iligan

You could say Iligan has always been a safe zone in terms of natural calamities.  The city and the people are unused to storms and floods.

Here are some quick details after the jump regarding on how you could help.


I love designs that focuses more on typography than superfluous graphics.  That is one of the reason why I really love the Microsoft's Metro interface.  I don't usually customize my desktop to the last icon and font but I do want my desktop to be clean and minimal.  The only icons you see on my desktop are recycle bin and one program from Lenovo that I can't possible remove.  I only use my desktop when I am working on a project on Photoshop and I place all the source files I'm working on the desktop.  Sometimes if I am working on a document, I place the unfinished document on the desktop and all other text files.  After which, when it's all said and done I move them to their proper folder and move the temporary files to the recycle bin.

My current desktop using Rainmeter's Omnimo UI

Today all of that changed when I saw a the Omnimo UI for Rainmeter.  The tiles are simply gorgeous and the widgets are unobtrusive.  The Facebook notification widget is of great use.  I hope they'll have a fix for the Twitter panel soon.  Though there are panels that are still buggy most of the essential ones are functioning very well and I think I'm keeping this look and feel for a long time.  Probably until Windows 8 arrives.


Dec 16, 2011

Rurouni Kenshing Film Official Poster

Here is one update that will blow away Rurouni Kenshin fans - a trailer of the live action movie set to be release on August 25, 2012. That is just 2 days away from my birthday, that it is.  Also, visit the official Rurouni Kenshin site here.  So what do you think of the trailer?  Promising, eh?  Sano's Zanbato though is rather small compared to its anime counterpart.

Image Source:  natalie

Rurouni Kenshin is the best anime ever, hands down.  Sorry Bleach and Naruto fan boys and girls but nothing beats the story line and the historic background of RK.  This is the only anime that I am obsessed with and I think so too with others within my generation.  I would want to collect all the OVAs and the Anime series and someday I will pass down to my kids!  Ha!

Rurouni Kenshin
 Listening to the opening of Sobakasu is nostalgic.  I feel like I'm not twenty-um-something.  I still watch a few anime and read some manga now and  then like Bleach and Katekyo Hitman Reborn but still RK has a very different feel to me.  The plot, the characters and the story are twisted and woven into history.  Though the characters strengths are exaggerated to a supernatural level but not supernatural enough like Dragon Ball - blowing up planets.  Somehow it's not as over exaggerated which is depicted in most anime.  Again, history, the whole background of RK is interwoven with the history of Japan.  So basically you can get history nuggets along the way as you watch and read RK.


I'm just sharing a series of video uploads of Jeff Dunham:  Controlled Chaos.  Controlled Chaos is Jeff's fourth special with two new special characters.  I think all of them are sort of ill-tempered, insulting yet funny.  They all hate the Prius.

Jeff Dunham:  Controlled Chaos

Ventriloquist and comic Jeff Dunham takes to the stage to provide fresh comedic material with his classic puppets Walter, Peanut, Jose JalapeƱo and Achmed, as well as with two never-before-seen characters with their own unique quirks.

Watch the entire special after the jump while it's still there!


Dec 15, 2011

This is one of those seasons that you and your family are probably gearing up for Enchanted Kingdom.  I would like to recollect my experience which happened around a couple of years ago.  If you really are planning a visit to Enchanted Kingdom, please do read Possibly Pinay's Enchanted Kingdom Holiday Survival Guide.

100 Light Years to Enchanted Kingdom

I don't know if this has already changed but a couple of years ago we drove to Sta. Rose from Makati and couldn't find a sign anywhere. Jollibee and other fastfood stores have done better by placing signs almost 20km away from the site but for EK? Nada. We knew the lines would be crawling if you do not go there early so we went to Sta. Rosa early but we end up going in circles asking for directions. Apparently, some of the locals don't know the place either. When we finally saw a sign, "To Enchanted Kingdom" you could actually the site -- and the queues were depressing to look at.


Dec 11, 2011

Since the beginning of time, the angels of the High Heavens and the demons of the Burning Hells have endlessly warred for dominion over all existence in what is referred to as The Great Conflict. The motivation of the battles are unclear, as the sides seek only to conquer each other. This dilutes the sense of good and evil, though later events show demons to be ruthless and cruel. Neither side has ever fully crushed the forces of the other, and it is a struggle bound to last through all time.

Diablo III Cover

Eventually, dissent grew in members of both sides of the eternal battle. Demons and angels who questioned the incessant chaos banded together and created an entirely new plane of existence, which they named Sanctuary. This crudely designed world, a jumbled mix of climates, was quite literally a sanctuary away from the eternal war of the High Heavens and Burning Hells. The existence of this new world was kept secret from the battling forces, who would only destroy it or use it for the purposes of the war.


Dec 10, 2011

I just would like to say that this post is an ice breaker.  Every time I sit down and type nothing comes out but every time I'm at work ideas seem to be endless.  When I try to write them down, it stinks.  So to break this off I'd like to feature  "[COIN]cidence".  It's a pretty neat title, don't you think?

Coincidence is a short film entry for the Bohol Arts Festival 2011.  The story is about a boy who went to the restroom, found a coin, found some more coins and then some and lost one coin.  He then decided to buy a drink but since he lost this one coin, he can't.  So off he went back to his last spot and found the coin but was picked up first by the girl he met on the bus station  where he was just sitting for like 5 minutes and not hopping into a bus.  By the way, when he was at the bus station he and the girl found a coin between them resulting a very "touchy" moment.  So in the end the girl handed over the missing coin to the guy and he forgot about his drink and went off with the girl to some "tambayanan" place in Tagbilaran we call, K of C.

Behind the scenes footage after the jump.