Dec 17, 2011

I love designs that focuses more on typography than superfluous graphics.  That is one of the reason why I really love the Microsoft's Metro interface.  I don't usually customize my desktop to the last icon and font but I do want my desktop to be clean and minimal.  The only icons you see on my desktop are recycle bin and one program from Lenovo that I can't possible remove.  I only use my desktop when I am working on a project on Photoshop and I place all the source files I'm working on the desktop.  Sometimes if I am working on a document, I place the unfinished document on the desktop and all other text files.  After which, when it's all said and done I move them to their proper folder and move the temporary files to the recycle bin.

My current desktop using Rainmeter's Omnimo UI

Today all of that changed when I saw a the Omnimo UI for Rainmeter.  The tiles are simply gorgeous and the widgets are unobtrusive.  The Facebook notification widget is of great use.  I hope they'll have a fix for the Twitter panel soon.  Though there are panels that are still buggy most of the essential ones are functioning very well and I think I'm keeping this look and feel for a long time.  Probably until Windows 8 arrives.

My previous desktop look and feel

I installed Zune so I can use the Zune panel and boy Zune has a very beautiful interface.  I've been using iTunes as my default music player since all my music albums are also synced with my iPhone but things are about to change.  For a couple of years now I really do want to go Apple all the way and so was the crowd.  Everyone wants to have a piece of Apple's shiny gadgets.  Well, for one they are also very good.  I don't know but I am loving the Metro interface both on Windows and on Mango.  By the way, next week I'll be playing with the Nokia Lumia 800 for two weeks.  Thanks to Nokia Connects!


What do you think of the Metro interface?

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