Dec 15, 2011

This is one of those seasons that you and your family are probably gearing up for Enchanted Kingdom.  I would like to recollect my experience which happened around a couple of years ago.  If you really are planning a visit to Enchanted Kingdom, please do read Possibly Pinay's Enchanted Kingdom Holiday Survival Guide.

100 Light Years to Enchanted Kingdom

I don't know if this has already changed but a couple of years ago we drove to Sta. Rose from Makati and couldn't find a sign anywhere. Jollibee and other fastfood stores have done better by placing signs almost 20km away from the site but for EK? Nada. We knew the lines would be crawling if you do not go there early so we went to Sta. Rosa early but we end up going in circles asking for directions. Apparently, some of the locals don't know the place either. When we finally saw a sign, "To Enchanted Kingdom" you could actually the site -- and the queues were depressing to look at.

Anchors Away

We waited in line for Anchors Away for almost an hour and a half.  At some point I told my American Missionary friend that each group has around 20 plus swings in one ride.  She looked at me with an odd expression and said, "Dude you are such a geek!"  True enough we only got five minutes of swinging from this giant, well, swing -- duh.

After the experience I was too lazy to queue up for the other rides.  So I hovered around the food stalls instead.  There is always magic around food stalls!


Mine too!  Well 'coz probably 'twas the only ride I rode.  It would be a bummer if you drive all the way from Manila and to find out it's closed!  Thanks for the tips!

by Earl on January 5, 2012 at 9:19 AM. #

Anchors Away was my favorite ride!! Last time I went to EK was two years ago. We arrived very early, gates were still closed so we didn't really get to wait for hours lining up for the rides coz there weren't a lot of people yet. I even did AA twice, it was that awesome!! 

My tip for anyone who goes there: (1) call to check if they're open a day or two before you go. I've had two friends, who went on separate occasions, who traveled all the way from MM only to find out it was closed for maintenance. (2) Go early. Less people, less time wasted lining up =)

by Christina on January 5, 2012 at 9:19 AM. #

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