Jul 31, 2011

When I have that brief moment of break during work some times I let my imaginations fly and wonder what would it be like if weren't a nurse.  Someone in my Tumblr feed said they had a crazy day:  clients, time and money with no definite  time schedule.  Sure, that should be considered to one of a hectic day but compared to what I'm dealing with now, let's see:  one's on NGT, one is for ICU transfer and needs dialysis, the pediatric ward is screaming with kids whenever I go in, I have to deal with the patient's folks as calmly as possible and not to mention lunatic residents.

Oh how I wish they knew their job is so much better compared to mine.  Sure, you worry about time and money.  What I'm worried about everyday is LIVES.  There may be weeks when we take a break from all the toxicity and deal with common fever and colds, yet there are things (dreadful things) that every nurse should experience.  Yeah, should.  It is a must, they didn't teach this in nursing school but I'll give you a couple of things:

Critical Patients

Somewhere along a nurse's career he/she will encounter difficult patients.  You'll encounter emergency situations that you'll go nuts for the first time.  You'll be screamed at, probably some of you will cry or will burst in awful emotions but it is inevitable.  Situations like critical patients coming in the ER or patient's dying during your shift are things you need to be ready.  Oh, how I wish sometimes I was just making cool graphics and websites and deal with lesser toxicity.  I wish and I know some of you wish too.


Jul 17, 2011

Last summer we were on a caking spree. Mum launched Cake Garden this year. I made the logo, her business card, the gallery and the Cake Garden blog.

Mum taught me everything on baking. I admire her passion for cakes and pastries. Her passion for cakes and pastries started very early. Back then, they were not as fortunate as us. She always wondered how a cake tastes like. She said she'd cut out pictures of cakes from magazines and newspapers and copy their respective recipes. Even though she finished a degree in Civil Engineering her heart always belonged to baking.

Cake Garden is the fine pastry baking we envisioned almost 20 years ago. What started as a “cheese cupcake” alternative business, may now finally find a home in Bohol – at barangay Bool of the capital city of Tagbilaran. Nestled on a hill overlooking the Dauis strait, the location offers our classic cheese cupcake and cakes of all sorts, baking education and also a majestic view of the Bohol Sea, Pamilacan island, the eastern part of Panglao island, and on a clear day, the island of Siquijor and even far Mindanao.

Cake Garden Logo

Cake Garden Business Cards


Jul 7, 2011

I still love Mozilla Firefox though my main browser would be Google Chrome.  Sometimes I launch these two programs simultaneously when I'm using two different accounts at the same time.  A feature I love about Firefox is Personas.  Chrome has it's themes (and also available through the Google  Web Store) but here are some reasons why I love Firefox Personas over Google Chrome Themes.

  1. I like to keep my browser light, simple and with neutral or light colors.
  2. I'm using the Google IO theme on my Chrome now, basically it doesn't change anything.  Just a few colors hovering at the top right side of the panel.
  3. My Firefox my address bar, search bar and bookmarks bar are blended into the theme.