Jul 7, 2011

I still love Mozilla Firefox though my main browser would be Google Chrome.  Sometimes I launch these two programs simultaneously when I'm using two different accounts at the same time.  A feature I love about Firefox is Personas.  Chrome has it's themes (and also available through the Google  Web Store) but here are some reasons why I love Firefox Personas over Google Chrome Themes.

  1. I like to keep my browser light, simple and with neutral or light colors.
  2. I'm using the Google IO theme on my Chrome now, basically it doesn't change anything.  Just a few colors hovering at the top right side of the panel.
  3. My Firefox my address bar, search bar and bookmarks bar are blended into the theme.


Anyway, we all have our preferences and I don't usually go for dark and strong colored themes. My top 3 favorite Firefox Personas are all from The Royal Order.  Visit their site here or follow them on Twitter @theroyalorder or on Facebook here.

Firefox Pipes
Firefox Saucers
Firefox Trees

One question though, is there a wallpaper version of these? I would love to see my iPhone and my desktop to be graced with these three themes.

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