Jul 17, 2011

Last summer we were on a caking spree. Mum launched Cake Garden this year. I made the logo, her business card, the gallery and the Cake Garden blog.

Mum taught me everything on baking. I admire her passion for cakes and pastries. Her passion for cakes and pastries started very early. Back then, they were not as fortunate as us. She always wondered how a cake tastes like. She said she'd cut out pictures of cakes from magazines and newspapers and copy their respective recipes. Even though she finished a degree in Civil Engineering her heart always belonged to baking.

Cake Garden is the fine pastry baking we envisioned almost 20 years ago. What started as a “cheese cupcake” alternative business, may now finally find a home in Bohol – at barangay Bool of the capital city of Tagbilaran. Nestled on a hill overlooking the Dauis strait, the location offers our classic cheese cupcake and cakes of all sorts, baking education and also a majestic view of the Bohol Sea, Pamilacan island, the eastern part of Panglao island, and on a clear day, the island of Siquijor and even far Mindanao.

Cake Garden Logo

Cake Garden Business Cards

Cake Garden was originally Cake Land but due to the unavailability of the name, Cake Garden was suggested. I think it's also fitting since gardening is also her second love.

Mum's Garden

We do everything we can to support our dear mother who have worked hard on this.  She's dug  through books and magazines to discover new techniques and recipes.  I think she may have perfected the Leche Flan, a known Filipino dessert.  I don't know how many times she tried changing the ratio of egg whites and yolks just to have the perfect texture and taste.

My brother and I do everything we can to make promotional videos on our own.  Here are the videos we made over last summer and these are the Cake Garden Favorites.

You can visit the gallery here or follow the blog here.

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