Aug 28, 2011

I'm pretty sure you've read James Soriano's infamous article "Language, Learning, Identity, Privilege" which garnered him mostly criticism from people who live in front of their keyboards netizens.  I know some of you are probably making or joining hate pages on Facebook, seriously, grow up.

I have edited this post for the nth time because there are still thoughts and ideas that need to sink in.  Also, I made a decision not to post or react when I am angry or pissed.  Sure, I was pissed when I first read the article.  Who wouldn't be?  But I just officially turned 28 and I need to act, you know - civilized.  You've got filter the facts and try to address the issue on how personally you can change for the better as a person.  I only found two response articles via Twitter:  "Editing James Soriano" and "Coming Home to the Filipino Language".  If you have any article or known any worth-reading article you can message me here or via Twitter and I'll update this post.

Now, my two cents after the jump.


Aug 27, 2011

I Have Been Blessed
In 4 hours after hitting "Publish" on this post, I'm officially 28.  Looking back I really thought it would take so long to reach the end of the calendar.  Kidding aside, there's a lot of people that I would to say thanks.  But I would like to give thanks and praises to our Great God for the gift of life.  To the Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of salvation.  Not by my own works but on His works, simplicity and sufficiency.  Indeed, looking back I know I have been blessed and there is no way I could count the blessing the Lord has bestowed upon me in this lifetime.  I would like to share you this song entitled "I Have Been Blessed".  I do not know who is the original author of this song but I first heard this song on a the Old Fashioned Baptist Camp Meeting in Lipa City, Batangas.  Now, it is my  turn to share this song with you.  To my family, I thank you and I love you.  My Christian family in Makati, thank you all for the greetings and may we continue to give Christ the preeminence in our lives.  To my dearest Lovelaine, thank you and I love you.  All I want is my Crocs for my birthday.  Haha!  To other friends, fans, stalkers, backbiters, automatic forum birthday notifications, app birthday notifications and the like -  I thank you.  Bow!  I would like you to focus on the lyrics of the song and not on my voice.  Since Mina is around keep your speakers on the down low when playing the song.

Before we jump to the song, there's one line I did not include on this recording because it is not applicable for it is referring to America.  But I want you to know that I am (we are) still blessed to be in a country that we have freedom and liberty.  These were paid by the blood our heroes so be responsible when exercising your freedom.

The song after the jump in acapella.


Aug 23, 2011

The Dark Side
Hyperglycemia is a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose circulates in the blood plasma. Typical signs and symptoms include polyuria, polyphagia, polydipsia, blurred vision, fatigue, weight loss, dry mouth, erectile dysfunction, stupor, cardiac arrhythmia and coma. It is also noted that mortality is higher in people that are not diagnosed with Diabetes than people who are already diabetics and are on going with management.

But temporary hyperglycemia often benign and asymptomatic and is often accompanied by goofiness, chicken dances, insomnia and lip-syncing. It is often caused by excessive consummation of lava cakes, pizza, mango floats, leche flan and the occasional ice cream. I would like to warn to you about the following videos of us siblings (sorry the cousin profiles would have to wait) doing the silliest things we do when we're having this kind of episode and while we're staring right in front of our computers. We consume a lot of sugar and technology at the same time and it's about time we should stop but let me share this one of a kind experience, lest ye fall into the same situation. Kids, don't try this at home.


Aug 21, 2011

I have a bad unique penmanship.  I'm both a slow writer and a fast thinker simultaneously.  Hand could not keep up with Brain most of the time when I'm writing that's why I prefer typing.  Both guys seems to be in the same page when I'm typing.  It makes me wonder what are the activities that my body parts are synced or out of sync.


There's no need to explain further.  You can view the result here but well, let me just explain a little more further.  Just a little.  I think Brain and Hand are in constant argument whenever I try to draw.  Brain visualizes something artistic but Hand has his own mind that he diverts Brain's instruction resulting in utter chaos - maniac babies.


If there's one thing I don't like about being a nurse - it's charting!  Those charts can be a real pain in the hand.  Hand's starting to complain that he's getting cramps, brain wanted to sleep.  Stomach is hungry and Eyes just wanted to join brain in the sleepathon!  I'm never good in catching up notes so that's why back in college I do most of lazy students do (but I'm not lazy, just a slow writer) - photocopy!  I tell you having the notes of someone else's handwriting that is so readable makes me want to procrastinate even more!  Oh well, I can read the notes anytime, her handwriting is so good that I can probably absorb all the information in an hour.  But I procrastinate even more, well, let's give it 15 minutes.  Then I realize it's all too late, I resort to some of you have already done - cheating!


You got served!
I love breakfasts.  It's not that I don't like lunch and dinner it's just that a lot of people don't wake up that early to eat breakfast.  I do.  I look forward to it every single day!  As a family we love to eat but I really do love breakfast (yeah, I know you know by now, but still).  I'm a morning person even at night.  I love to watch the sunrise while having devotion while having a cup of coffee.  We, breakfast lovers are oftentimes get into a fit if you try to disrupt our morning ritual.  If I were going to miss breakfast it's better you tell me the night before than surprise me that we're not having breakfast!  Or if you plan on ruining my breakfast tell me in advance so I can have set my mind that I'm not having breakfast the day after.

I think it runs in the blood.  As a family we love to eat and eat we must!  Not only that I think each member of our family has his or her own ability to conjure up his or her own meal specialty.  Mum and Dad are great cooks, mum has her Cake Garden and Cake Garden Place (if you're in Bohol y'all should try it here).  Dad sometimes will have his own version of Hokkien Mee, Chili Crab and the occasional bread and cakes.

I love burgers and burgers I love!  There's nothing more rewarding than consuming a 6-feet tall hamburger.  Anyway, I can handle the heat in the kitchen very well.  Mum said I have the ability of creating food out of almost nothing when our resources are on the low.  My creativity for cooking is further heightened when accompanied by hunger.  Some little  flour, eggs and milk, the sky is the limit.

My sister Lace loves to make potato salads, which in  turn she just devours them herself.  She just loves her own meal that she'll just have it for herself.  Lace also has her own unique version of the mango float.  It literally floats!  Why?  It's called mango float, why shouldn't it float?  She also forgot to steam her leche flan (which is the most important part of the recipe) that we end up sipping it in cups.  Still very delicious though.


Aug 20, 2011

Your Treat!
Congratulations to all who passed the July 2011 Nursing Licensure Examination! I feel for you. You have 24 hours to not to think of anything else but wallow yourself in victory. Don't drink or party too hard you might end up in an ER. Instead, have a family time and have a simple celebration with thanksgiving. I've been looking all over for this one sneaky PDF file. Other nursing websites are so full of crap that they give you wrong links leading to ads - shame on you! The BON website is down as usual. PNA website is still high and apparently don't know what's going on. PRC website is down because of the traffic, oh the sluggishness! These people probably haven't heard of mirror sites! If you can't view the document above you can download it here. Down below in the blue orange download button! You can share all your feeling of happiness in the comments below. Also, I've added another mirror site here.



Aug 18, 2011

I got a new header today.  All thanks to Function for the stunning free character pack!  Without it I'd be hopeless!  I shouldn't have procrastinated on developing my drawing skills when I was younger.  But that was done, now is now and I need to catch up.  Watching the works of Books of Adam, Ricardo Gimenes and The Creative Dork gives me such enthusiasm that I just want to hit a canvas, wall, face or paper but I prefer on my iPhone while laying down and enjoying my day off.

Before going on further, what's up when you're having a day off.  Time seems to slug down when I'm passing out medications (to patient's of course) and carrying out doctor's orders (not necessarily lifting them but you know doing them).  Admitted two patients in the ER, sipped some Coke (softdrink, duh!), gave medications, rang the bell (no fire, just calling the lifters), some Coke again (still the softdrink) and still it's 9am!  What in the world?  But when I'm just laying down on my bed, reading news and blogs from my iPhone, playing Need For Speed Most Wanted for the nth time - 12pm!  What!  Yeah, yeah, it's relativity I know but I'm sticking with my story.  Time is biased!

So where was I? Ah, my masterpiece! Caution though, this is not for the faint of heart. I purposely placed the image right after the jump because this image might scare people away from this blog and won't return after the horror. If you think you can't handle something horrifying or can't even brave watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" then this is not for you! Leave! Wait, don't leave you can browse other posts though. Anyway, the revelation after the jump!


Aug 17, 2011

EXPRESSions on Air
I am desperate!  So I'm turning my  blog tweaking skills into cash!  You name the price!  Yep, seriously.  Seriously?  I just said seriously.  Piso!  Nah, c'mon man!  Seriously, a blog tweak for one peso?

I can't code a blog layout from the ground up but I could pick a layout for you and tweak it here and there.  You know those pesky lines of codes you dreadfully hate, I can manage.  Why?  Because I care!  I care about your Blogger blog looking ambushed by ads and buttons and links and banners and all that stuff that makes me and other readers want to leave your blog right away!

EXPRESSions on Air Sample Blog
You see I'm particular about a lot of things like:  typography, width, header, logo and the like.  I don't like pop-ups, screaming ads, deceiving ads and photos that are not aligned well in a post, like they were just plastered there for no reason whatsoever!

Since I have this handful of skill and I have these handful of items that I need want:  speakers, Crocs, G-shock and a printer I might as well convert this skill into hard, cold cash!  Hey, at least I'm being honest here.  For how much?  Well, I'll let you decided that.  In other words, whatever you can afford.  Let's talk!


Aug 16, 2011

Dixie and Maska
I miss our dogs.  I think I haven't mentioned our other dog, Dixie.  She's much older than she looks.  She's been with us for more than five years.  Maska is a 7-month old Siberian Husky-Belgian Malinois crossbreed.  I had him here before here in Kalibo.  I had to take him last April because of some plans and I can't leave him here in Kalibo.  I though he would freak out during our trip from Kalibo-Manila-Tagbilaran.  When I went to pick him up at the cargo hold in Tagbilaran, he was just there relax, cool as ice (well, not literally).

Maska and Dixie are complete opposites.  From their physique to their personalities.  But they both love junk foods and ice cream.  I know those stuff are not good for them (or us) but you know when they give you this look, you just melt in submission. And oh, both dogs when they see the car door open or see you open it, they'll rocket themselves in!


Dixie and Lace
Dixie and my sister Lace have one thing in common, sleep.  If sleeping was a career, they'd be pros!  Often times we step on her  tail or feet because she's small and looks like our rug.  Once a year we shave off all her fur because of the matting.  Of course you could not blame her for that.  Blame the owners who are too lazy to give her daily brush.  We procrastinate on brushing her her fur until it's too late we need to take her to the dog clinic for a shave.  Her first shave was traumatic.  I think she's got sensitive spots and every time the shave hit it, she freaks out.

Dixie is very picky with her food.  She loves sunny side up eggs, frittata, and chicken (occasionally).  She's a mushy doll we hug and squeeze and sometimes throw up in the air (woops!).


Aug 15, 2011

The Procrastinator's Progress
Wow, look at that.  I made it to the "commenter" of the week on nailsbails.  With all honesty if there's one thing I'm really good at, it's procrastinating.  I do not know why I keep doing that and every time I finally have the resolve to quit procrastinating, well, I procrastinate!

But for the longest time I didn't really know what procrastination really means.  For me, hearing it for the first time it was like a big and sophisticated word.  It could mean something nice.  Any word that starts with "pro" usually denotes something nice.  Finally, I realized it was something else when someone used it as a statement in a very negative tone, then I knew it was not good.  But still, picking up the dictionary in the shelf was deferred.

So really, why do we procrastinate?  Why do we love to delay some things?  I mean, we that love to procrastinate.  If you don't procrastinate this post may be ain't for you.  I think it's something like adrenaline rush or something like that.  It's like you delay some urgent task and up to the last minute you do something drastic and still finally manage to do it with style and the crowd goes wild!

I said to myself this morning that I should clean my room but after work I sat down in front of my laptop.  Do the usual and told myself, "Tuesday's going to be the best day to clean my room!"

It's Tuesday, Tuesday
Gotta clean my room on Tuesday
Sweep the floor as I do ballet
It's Tuesday, Tuesday!

Another thing I think we delay things is that we have the ability and the resource to catch up anytime.  With today's resources available you think you can do anything instant!  But, I think it's still wrong but it's quite become a habit.

Anyway, I think I really need to deal with this head on but for now, it's time for me to go to bed.  So, I'll start of tomorrow morning.  Promise!


Aug 14, 2011

High Five on the Face
I think it was the year 1992.  I had my gray jacket on, the rain was pouring.  Still, I was early at school.  I was 8 or 9 back then, grade 2.  I never transferred to any school from first grade to high school so my classmates and I were kind of close.  Some transferred after graduating sixth grade, after graduating elementary.  Still, 6 years of being together through elementary, one section only and around 20-30 students per grade gives you this bond you can't easily forget.

Recess, we hurriedly went outside for a good break, the usual stuff.  Back then we have these groups with respective "leaders".  No, it was not designated by school policies but it was designated by who's the boss in our class.  The girls had their own group and any outcast would suffer throughout the day by pranks, mocks and the like.  I had my fair share of being bullied but this post is not me being bullied.  I think at some point I was the bully.

I like to keep out of trouble and as much as possible to be friends with everyone.  The thing is, "outcasts" change almost day to day.  You can be an outcast for an hour if you could please the leader.  But today, it was "C's" day to be  the outcast and I didn't even know it.  The leader and some guys were giving me "the look" and I know I was about to being an outcast.  I inquired, they said it was because I talked to "C".  I asked again what did he do to deserve that kind of treatment.  I know they've said something but I can't recall the reason.  So I distanced from him a bit, it was awkward.  "C' and I are friends.  You could say we have our own circle, kids with the same interests but we there was no leader among us.  I was just afraid of the fact that I'd be the one being an outcast.

So I thought the day would just fly by and probably tomorrow "C' and the rest of the group would forget about it and resume to normal.  But a request came, you and "C" should fight.  I kid you not, my heart was pounding very fast.  I do not like fights and "C" is my friend.  They took us to the auditorium and everyone was cheering, mocking and teasing.  It was awkward because we just had a great conversation before class started that day and now we're to fight by the stupid "leader".


Aug 11, 2011

Pilipinas Tara Na! Logo
The Department of Tourism just launched the updated, expanded and probably more polished version of the 2004's tourism campaign, Biyahe Tayo (Let's Travel). Recorded by 57 of the country’s leading musical artists and entertainment personalities, the music video is just the first of three installments of songs and videos under this current campaign. While the video was mostly welcomed by most netizens, I know find myself (again) in an odd position. I expected more than a remake or a polish of an old campaign. After all the brouhaha of Pilipinas Kay Ganda and the hooplah of the current logo which looked like Batibot, I was still hoping they could somehow pulled it off. Something creative, new and innovative.

Don't Get Me Wrong

Before you stone me with Pan de Sal, I just want to make it clear that the video was good. Really! If you try to separate the video and the song from the campaign and it's horrible Batibot logo, it would really stand out. 57 music artists, that's a lot of talent there. I would probably give the video a 5-star rating if I own 5 stars.

Been There, Done That

So why all the negative comments? Ya heard of the line - polish a turd it's still a turd? Basically it means it's still the same. It's like the same old product with a new package. It's the same old idea with more stars. I don't know but I haven't read any blog posts about comparing the current music video to the last one. So far I've read this one guy's Facebook status that he prefers the original version the newer one. You know most part 2's don't do so well. The original version received such praise because it was the first time something like that was organized and recorded for a tourism campaign. Instead of focusing on how to get the attention of both local and foreign travelers to visit the Philippines you now have another problem which is trying to outpace the former with the later.


Aug 10, 2011

Zestair Mock-up
Planning a trip is not a walk in a park especially when you have to scout every airline company for special promotions.  That means you have to visit each website one by one and compare travel fares.  Then, the moment you decided on a flight - it changes status.  No kidding, I've been there a lot of times.  Often times these websites are difficulty to manage.  I've already said it a lot of times, I'm no designer but I've read web design books and experienced websites themselves and most of the Philippines airlines websites are not as friendly as they should be.  If my aunt can finally book her flight all by herself, then that'll be the day that someone finally thought of giving customers a good experience.  Bad experience is as the same as bad passenger experience like, this guy.  A lot of people have credit cards but I still wonder why they flock to the nearest travel agency to book a ticket - they don't know how to use the website. Ah, if people would just stick to the idea of giving a service that's awesome!  Anyway, I've dug through four airline company websites and their respective social networks.

Philippine Airlines
Asia's First, Shining Through

Zest Airways Inc. 
Asia's Most Refreshing Airline


Aug 8, 2011

Just now, before typing I made a promise to me-self that I will never ever make a wish that I'd be a kid again.  Why?  Well, the cycle will never end.  When I was I kid, I couldn't wait to grow up.  I'm sure some of you wished that when you were younger and now some of you wish you'd be young again.  But then again you're back to the time you wish you'd grow up and so on.  Anyway, this is a beautiful paragraph from Mary Schmich's "Wear Sunscreen".

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they've faded. But trust me, in 20 years, you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as you imagine.

The question is, have we really enjoyed every single time when we were young?  Where did we spend our energy when we still have loads of extra firepower within us?  For one, I think my childhood was spent very differently with kids of today.  I could say there was no dull moment for every day was like an adventure.  7am we're already gathered on the neighborhood streets playing - you know the typical pinoy kid in the barrio.  But in retrospect there could have been times that I should have done some other things.


Aug 4, 2011

Dental Care
You ever have that awkward moment when someone adds you on Facebook (or any social network) and says, "Hey dude!  Howa been?" and you have no idea who they are?  Well maybe a little idea but enough idea to pull strings of memory gazillion years ago.  I think it would be awkward-er if that happened on person!  I'm sure I'd pull of some ridiculous smile as my eyes go up and down  trying to figure out who in the world you are dude.  It was awkward-less doing on chat though but still the awkward-feel was still in the room.  I need to try to reply something quick or just make an excuse by clicking "unavailable to chat" and post a status I can't receive chat messages - but that would be lying.

Finally I gave a guessing question like, "you're from [insert high school] right?"  I knew I was wrong but I think that's the only way to know who  the dude is in a less awkward manner.  Finally he reveals his identity and  though I only have a vague memory of him but that was enough to blast the awkward feel into smithereens!  He said that I'm becoming forgetful, I say it's because I've been to many places and have known quite a lot of people - I probably lied but I'll stick to my story.  I drink coffee one cup a day in concentrated amount, that can't possibly affect my memory.  And I've read from NescafĂ©'s Facebook Page that drinking coffee could actually help improve memory loss.  So yeah, I'm sticking to my story!  I'm not also good in memorizing people's names when introduced but still, I'm sticking with my story!

And my story was...

What was it again?


Aug 2, 2011

(adj) Slang for stupid - Urban Dictionary

Kevin Durant for Smartbro
What's wrong with this picture?

Just because Kevin Durant endorses your product doesn't mean it changes the whole experience.  I guess that's the trend of advertising nowadays - lying.  They'll just pretty much get some celebrity or a popular dude to endorse their stinking product and wallah!  I don't know about you but I'm quite sick of seeing advertisements like these.  Instead of getting creative, improving your service they do this and still maintain crappy the same quality of service.

I do not even begin to imagine what is the connection of KD and SmartBro.  If you do know, fill me in.  Oh, probably because KD is the #1 scorer and if we try to get him to endorse us we'll magically become #1 too!  If you do know, please do fill in the gap.


Aug 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!
So apparently someone scribbled my birthday on the calendar.  Little did they know that I stopped celebrating mine 3 years ago, so I'm still officially 25!

When we were younger there seems to be an excitement about your birthday.  It's like your very special day, it's like everything is going your way.  Everyone's your friend, wishing you the best!  It's also a special day when you can have almost anything you want.  I want a new shoes for my birthday, new t-shirt, a gaming console maybe.  This was such a thrill when I was younger - I'm still young though.

Probably it was a gradual loss of excitement but recently I realized I'm not excited about my birthday anymore.  I do not when was the time it started when birthdays just became ordinary days.  Sure, I may go out or eat out with some friends and family but it's different when I was younger.  The thrill was gone, I wonder how in the world happened.

Or could it just be that, I am getting old?