Aug 10, 2011

Zestair Mock-up
Planning a trip is not a walk in a park especially when you have to scout every airline company for special promotions.  That means you have to visit each website one by one and compare travel fares.  Then, the moment you decided on a flight - it changes status.  No kidding, I've been there a lot of times.  Often times these websites are difficulty to manage.  I've already said it a lot of times, I'm no designer but I've read web design books and experienced websites themselves and most of the Philippines airlines websites are not as friendly as they should be.  If my aunt can finally book her flight all by herself, then that'll be the day that someone finally thought of giving customers a good experience.  Bad experience is as the same as bad passenger experience like, this guy.  A lot of people have credit cards but I still wonder why they flock to the nearest travel agency to book a ticket - they don't know how to use the website. Ah, if people would just stick to the idea of giving a service that's awesome!  Anyway, I've dug through four airline company websites and their respective social networks.

Philippine Airlines
Asia's First, Shining Through

Zest Airways Inc. 
Asia's Most Refreshing Airline

Cebu Pacific Air
It's Time Everyone Flies

Airphil Express 
Philippines Leading Promo Airline to Manila

EXPRESSions on Air Sample Blog
So far among the four airline company I travel the most with Airphil Express and Zest Airways. All four companies have a substantial presence in social media; Facebook and Twitter. I would like to see expansions on Google+ someday. Only Airphil Express has a blog setup on Blogger called EXPRESSions on Air. I think this is really great move for Airphil because users and customers want transparency. We want updates and information about the latest promotions. The blog needs to be updated though and they need to improve on the design (see sample blog). Cebu Pacific has a Youtube Channel which you will find here.  I think it's great these companies have extended their service through social media.  They often also have small competitions to keep customers around.  There are several things though I would like to see them improve and expand.


If you pay attention to technology nowadays, we're going on mobile.  Most websites nowadays have mobile version thus giving people to read content straight from their smartphone or tablet.  The growth of mobile sites and mobile payments have allowed people ease of access to products and information.  I hope one of these companies will set up to introduce mobile browsing and mobile payments.


Well, if you're going through mobile you might as well mobile apps on different platforms.  These apps will be very useful to people who fly frequently like businessmen, travel bloggers and tourists.  Book, check your flight details and check your status straight from your mobile.

Singapore Airlines iPhone App

We all have bad experiences from flying.  From super-delayed flights, lost baggage and to changing your flight date to where there are no flights available.  I'm saying these circumstances happen and it's one truth when traveling.  But these could be limited if we up the ante of service, give people a good experience.  Another thing is airports.  A lot of improvements can be done on our domestic airports.


If you're using Google Chrome, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines have Google Chrome extensions.  Click on the linked caption to install the extension or click the image to zoom in with lightbox.  This is a nifty  tool where you don't need to type to go to their main website to check for flights.

Cebu Pacific Flights
Philippine Airlines

So what are your experience with these companies?  Good and bad, share them in the comments and don't forget to take the poll.

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