Aug 4, 2011

Dental Care
You ever have that awkward moment when someone adds you on Facebook (or any social network) and says, "Hey dude!  Howa been?" and you have no idea who they are?  Well maybe a little idea but enough idea to pull strings of memory gazillion years ago.  I think it would be awkward-er if that happened on person!  I'm sure I'd pull of some ridiculous smile as my eyes go up and down  trying to figure out who in the world you are dude.  It was awkward-less doing on chat though but still the awkward-feel was still in the room.  I need to try to reply something quick or just make an excuse by clicking "unavailable to chat" and post a status I can't receive chat messages - but that would be lying.

Finally I gave a guessing question like, "you're from [insert high school] right?"  I knew I was wrong but I think that's the only way to know who  the dude is in a less awkward manner.  Finally he reveals his identity and  though I only have a vague memory of him but that was enough to blast the awkward feel into smithereens!  He said that I'm becoming forgetful, I say it's because I've been to many places and have known quite a lot of people - I probably lied but I'll stick to my story.  I drink coffee one cup a day in concentrated amount, that can't possibly affect my memory.  And I've read from NescafĂ©'s Facebook Page that drinking coffee could actually help improve memory loss.  So yeah, I'm sticking to my story!  I'm not also good in memorizing people's names when introduced but still, I'm sticking with my story!

And my story was...

What was it again?

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