Oct 30, 2011

The province of Bohol is one of the most visited places in our country. Foreign and local tourists alike flock to this "God's Little Paradise" to see it's nature, beauty, beaches and culture. I have a dedicated Bohol blog at Bohol Interactive to showcase the province through the community. Last January I featured Massimo Casal, a photographer now based on Indonesia but has his fair share of Bohol, his travel article and book project. Just last week, I got another heads up that he is currently on a new project, a "Photo Book on Bohol". I get to see the amazing sights of Bohol both popular and the unexplored in his 39-page preview.

Dive Bohol

Massimo studied as an engineer. His work has given him the opportunity to travel around the world and particularly around Southeast Asia. Through his travels he has cultivated his love for photography. He also has great sets from Hanoi, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Europe and the Philippines as well.  You can visit his website and portfolio at Casal Photography and you should also follow him on Twitter here.

Looking at these photos make me miss home.  Yes, dear reader, this blogger is a Boholano and a Boholano I am.  What photos you say?  Well, you can also see the 39-page preview right here after the jump.


Oct 28, 2011

I have not seen or known anyone that has a geeky passion for the arts of musicals than my cousin Lara.  We call her Laryang for short.  Since we were kids-size (since we're still technically kids at heart) most of us cousins would do practically what normal hyperactive kids would do.  Play, sleep, eat and poop.  For Lara it's like play and read, sleep and, eat and read and read.  I know she's got a lot of big words in her artillery of vocabularies.  As a matter of fact, I'm switching tabs to between and this blog post as I was scanning her tumbleblog at World of a Wallflower.

Karen Lara MigriƱo Libot


Oct 26, 2011

Say hello to the new Nokia Lumia 800 running on the latest Windows Mobile Phone code-named Mango.  I have always been a Nokia fanboy but somewhere along the way I got distracted with Apple's magical and shiny gadgets particularly the iPhone and well, Nokia's losing the grip on innovation in the mobile market.  I think this is just about time to why we (you and I) love Nokia in the first place.  Remember the first time you set your eyes on a Nokia N Series phone before?  Even long before phones were smart, they were bulky that you need to place them on backpacks, Nokia trimmed it down to the Nokia 5110.  Ah, those days.  Then came Nokia 3110, then 3210 and you know the rest, is well, history.

Nokia Lumia 800

I think it's about time they bounce back with Mango. I just love the Metro UI, it's beautiful and it's different than Android and the iOS. If you would ask me if I'm willing to shift to this eye-candy smartphone and not upgrade to the iPhone 4S? Yes.

A couple of teaser videos after the jump.


Oct 17, 2011

TrafficDito is a Metro Manila traffic updates from people stuck in it.  The concept is pretty simple:  use Twitter to share traffic updates within the metro and let TrafficDito filter these tweets and place them in one beautiful stream.  TrafficDito is designed by, um, who knows?  Anyway, I get to play with their  iPhone app currently in Beta, thanks to some Peanut who gave me the invite.  Some of you have heard or who even read my review of the MMDA iPhone app might say, "oh another traffic app like the MMDA iOS app."  Well, yes and no.

[UPDATE] TrafficDito is now available in the app store!

TrafficDito Website

There are already 3 Metro Manila traffic iOS apps and they are free.  You have the MMDA, Metro Traffic Live! and StreetSmart and they are pretty much redundant in terms of features with some minor differences.  So how does TrafficDito differ from these apps?  Yes, this is an another Metro Manila traffic app and no, it's not an MMDA copycat.  It's a totally different spin that will appeal much to Twitter power users.  Non-Twitter-ers are still lost in translation when  it comes to a "tweet", "Twitter" and "to tweet".


Oct 6, 2011

The WORD is the Official Student Publication of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Volume XXV Issue I was released last Monday so I thought I'd give some of my thoughts on this first issue. Before we jump into all the brouhaha, let me just say I'm in no position an expert when it comes to school publication. I'm good at procrastinating though. This review will be based on my own meandering experience as a reader, as a designer wanna-be and the web. The purpose of this review is not to downgrade the publication but it is my hope that this will serve as a help for improvement on the next issue. By the power of grayskull, kudos to all who are involved in this issue to infinity and beyond!

The Word Cover

Before diving into all the details let me give the issue my overall rating - 6! It's not bad but it's not mind-blowing either. More like mediocre. Don't know what mediocre means? Look it up in a dictionary. Don't have one? Google it! You lazy bum! It's like the iPhone 4s. Everyone is expecting a new ground breaking phone but do their dismay it's just an upgrade to the current iPhone 4, no new design and all that. Still don't get it huh? It's like the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It has still the awesome CG animation but the story fails to deliver fans expected. Nuh uh? You're hopeless man, hopeless!

mediocre [mee-dee-oh-ker]

of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate: The car gets only mediocre mileage, but it's fun to drive. Synonyms: undistinguished, commonplace, pedestrian, everyday; run-of-the-mill. Antonyms: extraordinary, superior, uncommon, incomparable.


I think the layout is great.  If you're like me who don't read first, well, then you are like me.  People don't jump into the contents.  We scan.  It's automatic, we're born with that reflex whenever we have something in print in our hands.  I think the layout gives value and perspective as a whole.

I think it would be best to use more white space.  Remember, less is more.