Oct 28, 2011

I have not seen or known anyone that has a geeky passion for the arts of musicals than my cousin Lara.  We call her Laryang for short.  Since we were kids-size (since we're still technically kids at heart) most of us cousins would do practically what normal hyperactive kids would do.  Play, sleep, eat and poop.  For Lara it's like play and read, sleep and, eat and read and read.  I know she's got a lot of big words in her artillery of vocabularies.  As a matter of fact, I'm switching tabs to between Dictionary.com and this blog post as I was scanning her tumbleblog at World of a Wallflower.

Karen Lara MigriƱo Libot

I admit, my About Me section is pathetic when compared to hers:

Herein contains the constant ramblings of the mind of a wallflower who is also a self-professed geek of many arts and genres (including, but not limited to musicals, Doctor Who, anything related to Harry Potter, Glee, various movies and TV shows, classical literature, digital photography, food, classical art, and science). Also, if you are in Pottermore, add her as a friend. This is her: DawnRain91. Aside from being a wallflower, she is also a constant blacksheep of many events and institutions (including her own family, who is constantly flummoxed on the things she apparently does and says). She enjoys writing, reading, sketching, dancing, and singing (whether it be done in the sanctuary of her dorm room, or inside a public restroom in the city's biggest mall). Get to know more about her as you take a peep at her life and personality through the posts put up here.

World of a Wallflower

So if you're also a fan of Pottermore, Glee and the like (I have no idea who/what are those) then you should definitely check out her blog.  Furthermore, y'all should know that we cousins, when we get together we love to blow up zombie heads.

Zombie apocalypse?  Piece 'o cake!

You should also follow her on Twitter here.



All of my not-so-good pictures are awesome! I took that photo of you, so it's awesome no matter what others say! haha!

by Earl on January 5, 2012 at 9:20 AM. #

Kuya, what's with my pic in the Profile banner??? Isn't there another pic of mine that's at least a little bit better?? Haha... One of these days, I'm gonna be mentioning you in a an article in my blog, and I would really, really search for a not-so-good picture of yourself... Bwahahahaha... 

by Lara (Laryang for short) on January 5, 2012 at 9:20 AM. #

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