Oct 17, 2011

TrafficDito is a Metro Manila traffic updates from people stuck in it.  The concept is pretty simple:  use Twitter to share traffic updates within the metro and let TrafficDito filter these tweets and place them in one beautiful stream.  TrafficDito is designed by, um, who knows?  Anyway, I get to play with their  iPhone app currently in Beta, thanks to some Peanut who gave me the invite.  Some of you have heard or who even read my review of the MMDA iPhone app might say, "oh another traffic app like the MMDA iOS app."  Well, yes and no.

[UPDATE] TrafficDito is now available in the app store!

TrafficDito Website

There are already 3 Metro Manila traffic iOS apps and they are free.  You have the MMDA, Metro Traffic Live! and StreetSmart and they are pretty much redundant in terms of features with some minor differences.  So how does TrafficDito differ from these apps?  Yes, this is an another Metro Manila traffic app and no, it's not an MMDA copycat.  It's a totally different spin that will appeal much to Twitter power users.  Non-Twitter-ers are still lost in translation when  it comes to a "tweet", "Twitter" and "to tweet".

How does TrafficDito work?

TrafficDito is like that friend who constantly whines... about traffic.  The only difference is, we don’t consider it whining. We call it ‘reporting’. We then assign labels to these reports, categorize it by area and then add our super secret algorithm in there.  We make it really easy for you to search for traffic conditions by location so you can use the complaining and the ranting to your advantage!  Note though that we only include tweets from the last 3 hours and tweets from people who have public timelines. If your Twitter account is private, we don’t and won’t include them!

More on their FAQ page here.

iPhone App

The TrafficDito iPhone App is a mirror of the website minus the sidebar.  Here's a walk-through.

Splash & Loading Page


So basically you have a Twitter stream of traffic updates each designated with a colored dot.  Green for light traffic, blue for moderate traffic and red for hellish heavy traffic.  There are occasional combinations of green and blue that means light-moderate traffic and probably blue and red, moderate-heavy traffic.  No, there's no such combination of green and red.

Tweets are pulled from Twitter, Twitter clients and from the TrafficDito App.


If you're stuck in EDSA for a week, then it's probably high time to report the situation eh?  The app is pretty much a no-brainer.  Your location will be included to where in the world you're stuck!  Plus, you can let it all out in the "details" box.  "On my way to the Justin Bieber concert, stuck on EDSA for a week now.  Might as well camp here."  "After 2 years, I'm still here on EDSA."


If you're heading out to watch the Azkals (and still have no clue to what an offside means or football itself - just because-it's-the-Azkals-and-I-don't-care-about-football) you might as well search for the current traffic situations on potential areas.  Who knows, your friend might be already stuck somewhere cursing and tweeting at the same time.

More screenshots:



Performed two tests on how fast my traffic tweet will be streamed.  Since I'm nowhere in Manila, I took traffic updates from the MMDA App and shared it on the TrafficDito App so I won't be giving false information lest them unicorns be kindled with anger.

Tweet Sent from Twitter for iPhone

It's amazing how the system works fast.  Sent the tweet, opened TrafficDito App, pulled down to refresh and there it is.

Report Sent from TrafficDito App

Not Really Traffic

There are some tweets thought that seem to be streamed but they're not really literal traffic updates.  I think this is just a very minor glitch to which you cannot blame the system because people like to use metaphors.  And hey,  I think it's a good thing that you read metaphorical tweets from time to time.  Here's a couple of them, maybe you can use the idea on your next girlfriend or ex.

PLDT DSL Slower Than EDSA Traffic

Relationships and EDSA Traffic

Again, this is no biggie.  Just don't ALWASYS use EDSA traffic as a metaphor when it comes to your relationship, ummkay?


This app (both web and mobile) is and will be community-driven.  I suggest attaching #TrafficDito when you make traffic tweets so it would be easier and breezier and happier and jollier and less road rage.

So help spread the word to Twitter friends to join in the fun when you're stuck in-between traffic.  Join #TrafficDito and three thumbs up to all the guys who worked on this app, whoever you are.  By the power of grayskull, can I get an autograph?

Some Extras

I asked Peanut if they're planning on not-so-interesting platforms like Android, RIM and WP7.  She said:

We want to see how the community reacts first then we'll go from there! :)

On that note, I tried the website on the iPhone Safari, asked a friend who's on a Blackberry and I even tested the website on my Nokia 6120c.  Not bad at all.

On iPhone Safari

On Nokia 6120c

On a Blackberry

Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot from an Android and WP7 phone but I reckon it is pretty much the same, nonetheless.

So what are your thoughts on TrafficDito?  Don't have an iPhone?  Get one!  You can still use the TrafficDito website.  Share your opinions on the comments below.  As for you iPhone geeks, the TrafficDito app will be released some time this week!


I may sound like a Apple Fanboi but not really, OK maybe a little bit but I do love technology.  Less than three, less than three.  You should follow TrafficDito on Twitter here.

Metro Manila traffic updates from people stuck in it.


I will try to post updates in this section regarding the evolution of the app. You can always check TrafficDito's blog here.

MMDA Tweets

The TrafficDito team made an update on their tweet algorithm incorporating Tweets from MMDA. Tapping on the colored dots gives you the latest MMDA tweet from the area. Anyone tried the feature yet?


Very useful. Plus, I love their logo! :D

by Robx Bautista on October 26, 2011 at 1:30 PM. #

Have you tried the app or the website?  Yes, I love their logo too.

by Earl on October 26, 2011 at 3:30 PM. #

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