Apr 28, 2012

To The Reception Area

Bohol is full of surprises and today was one of those treasured moments.  The place we went to was located in a very remote area in Panglao and though I have read about this place in the papers, I never get the chance to visit until today.  The place exceeded my expectations and I was quite surprised why this place was never featured frequently on tourist destinations here in Bohol.  If you are ever coming to Bohol, please do drop by to this truly magical and wonderful place.  From here on, let the photographs speak for themselves.


Philippine Flag Symbolism

Let's be honest now.  How many of you did not know behind the symbols of our national flag?  Just so you know, it is a fact that everybody lies.  Anyway, probably you are wondering why I am posting in such a nationalistic tone when independence day was almost three months behind?  Well, that makes us both.  A thought just struck me when I saw the commercial segment of Juan Time in discovery channel.


Apr 27, 2012



I made some minor updates and adjustments to this template.

Rotating Twitter Feed

Instead of a full list of Tweets, I think a rotating Twitter feed is more practical, beautiful and clean.  See it on the demo page here.  One of the slight problem I found is that tweets that have been retweeted using the new retweet are not showing up.


I added  a couple of buttons underneath each post:  Plus One and Facebook Like buttons.  Also, I updated the icons for the Facebook, Twitter and RSS links just right beside the navigation links.

Facebook Summary

One of the problems of a Blogger template is the Facebook summary when sharing a post.  It's either empty or just plain ugly.

Proper Facebook Summary

To do this be sure to fill in the "Search Description" box before publishing your post.

Search Description

If you don't see the Search Description box, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences and fill in "Description" under "Meta Tags".


I still haven't found a solution to activate the lightbox feature of this template.  If you have any idea on how, please do drop by the comments.

Download the updated template here.  If you're new to this template, read my original post right after the jump.


Apr 6, 2012

Alona Kew

Yesterday we officially started summer 2012 as a family by giving ourselves a treat to our favorite and secret beach in Kanlungon.  We made a few stops on the way though.  For the longest time, we revisited Alona Kew Beach Resort and its neighboring resorts.  The place has transformed over the years to a Boracay-ish kind of feel with the addition of restaurants, bars and resorts.  We just scoped out the place and found a shade while my sister and I did her levitating attempts.