Apr 6, 2012

Alona Kew

Yesterday we officially started summer 2012 as a family by giving ourselves a treat to our favorite and secret beach in Kanlungon.  We made a few stops on the way though.  For the longest time, we revisited Alona Kew Beach Resort and its neighboring resorts.  The place has transformed over the years to a Boracay-ish kind of feel with the addition of restaurants, bars and resorts.  We just scoped out the place and found a shade while my sister and I did her levitating attempts.


Ray Gun

Afterwards we found ourselves famished so to Bohol Bee Farm we went and gobbled up some pasta with fresh greens on the side.  Seafood Pizza, Carbonara, Lasagna and the Garden Salad topped with flowers.  Yes, flowers.

Seafood Pizza

The garden at Bohol Bee Farm has quite a few unique herbs and spices, it was a cook's haven.


Finally, we arrived at our destination.  Actually, we started from the end of Panglao Island and made ourselves way back and saved the best place for last before heading home.  This particular beach in Kanlungon has all the desired ingredients to be called a secret paradise.  With all the newly opened expensive resorts boasting of a great beachfront, nothing beats Kanlungon.

Sun, Sand and Sea

We came running down to the beach and splashed all over ourselves like little kids.  The video below sums up our first official day of summer 2012!  Hope you had a blast starting your summer this year, we had ours!

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Lovely. I miss Bohol.. 

by AC on April 9, 2012 at 9:44 AM. #

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