Apr 27, 2012



I made some minor updates and adjustments to this template.

Rotating Twitter Feed

Instead of a full list of Tweets, I think a rotating Twitter feed is more practical, beautiful and clean.  See it on the demo page here.  One of the slight problem I found is that tweets that have been retweeted using the new retweet are not showing up.


I added  a couple of buttons underneath each post:  Plus One and Facebook Like buttons.  Also, I updated the icons for the Facebook, Twitter and RSS links just right beside the navigation links.

Facebook Summary

One of the problems of a Blogger template is the Facebook summary when sharing a post.  It's either empty or just plain ugly.

Proper Facebook Summary

To do this be sure to fill in the "Search Description" box before publishing your post.

Search Description

If you don't see the Search Description box, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences and fill in "Description" under "Meta Tags".


I still haven't found a solution to activate the lightbox feature of this template.  If you have any idea on how, please do drop by the comments.

Download the updated template here.  If you're new to this template, read my original post right after the jump.

Comet is a beautiful, classy, minimal and very light theme from Frostpress, ported to Blogger by Themecraft that focuses greatly on typography.  Today, I am sharing this tweaked version of this template which was used on my now defunct blog HelpDOT Project.  Here's some few reminders before downloading and installing this template on your Blogger blog.

  1. I do not own this template and I did not originally converted this from WordPress to Blogger.
  2. I cannot promise you that I can fix all problems that should arise if you install this template.  I will however, try to help as much as I can.
  3. Please back up your template should you want to revert back to your previous template.

Those lines should suffice that installing this template is within your risk.  Remember, this is a tweaked version of a Blogger template.  So expect that there are some features from the original WordPress theme that may be absent and there are some tweaks I added myself that are not found on the theme.

Tweaked Blogger Template


Header width is 960px, blog post width is 600px and sidebar width is 250px.

Share Links

Share Links

This is one of the tweaks I added into this template.  Instead of share buttons, I think it would be more beautiful and elegant to have them as links instead.  These share links are conveniently located below each post under tags.


Flickr Widget

Another tweak I added is this one of a kind Flickr widget that zooms in whenever you hover your mouse on the thumbnails.  Copy and paste the following code on the HTML widget.

<div class='flickr'><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script></div>

Go to idGettr to get your Flickr ID and replace that on the above highlighted red text.  For specific photo sets, copy and paste this code instead.

<div class='flickr'><script src="
&set=72157624510429821&context=in%2Fset-72157624510429821%2F" type="text/javascript"></script></div>

Replace the highlighted text in red with your Flickr ID and replace the highlighted text in gold (or orange or yellow or whatever) with the photo set number in Flickr.

Flickr Photo Set


I would really recommend you use the DISQUS commenting system.  Also, don't forget to enable sync blogger and DISQUS comments in Tools>Import/Export.

So basically, that is just it.  The good thing about the Blogger platform is you can customize to year heart's content.  If you want a less complicated version of this template, has its own offering.


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