Sep 19, 2011

A couple of days ago the MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) released the MMDA iOS app.  The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later and is iOS 4.0 tested.  Currently, it has a rating of ★★★★ 53 ratings in the app store.  For this post, we'll try to breeze through the features of MMDA's iOS app.  This is my first app review, by the way.

Icon and Splash Page

I think that this is a very good move for the MMDA to finally give smartphone users an official application when it comes to traffic.  Before the release of this app, Manila Traffic Live! was the alternative for smartphone users to get traffic information.  MMDA already has launched the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator earlier this year but the web application is not suitable for people who are on the go. Don't raise your hands up Android, Blackberry and Nokia fanboys and girls. iOS is just the beginning. They said the app will be coming to every smartphone platform. It's just that the iOS is the best among the rest - ra! ra! ra!

So let's take a look at the app, shall we?


The app has 5 sections and we'll go through the sections one by one and showcase it's designated features.  The sections are:  System View, Map View, Line View, FAQs and the About Section.  These sections are located at the bottom part of the app and you will be automatically taken to the system view section if you used it for the first time.  The app has a pretty easy navigation design and has a metro-ish feel with the towers at the background.

System View

System View

The System View gives you the traffic of the whole system in a larger picture of the system by comparing the color codes. Tap on the "i" button and a panel will show on the right side of the screen with the legends that you need to know.  This is a good view to map out your direction for your final destination.  The "Legends" have two sections:  one for traffic marked with colors and the other for lines marked with numbers.

Map View

Map View

The Map View, well gives you the map - pretty self-explanatory.  This option though gives you a bird's eye view of different locations plus traffic information.  Tap again on the "i" button at the bottom right and a panel will show up giving you traffic information.

Line View

Line View

Line view gives you a more detailed traffic information on the different lines:  EDSA, Quezon Avenue, EspaƱa, C5, Roxas Boulevard and SLEX.  It also gives you information on both southbound and northbound lanes.  Probably the coolest thing about this section is the ability to share traffic situation to your tweeps!

Share via Twitter

The app directs you to the Twitter authorize page to authorize the MMDA App to send tweets.  Just submit your credentials and tap authorize and you are good to go.  You can either share just one direction or you can share the best of both worlds!


Not only you can share traffic information via Twitter you can also report wrong data.

Report Wrong Data

I do not have the screenshot after you report a wrong data. Wanna try? Give me your screenshot then! Ha!


Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQs section give you a rundown list of things you need to know before you break them.  So you can bring with some budget with you should you try to violate traffic rules and regulations.  Oh c'mon now, I've been driving the streets of Manila for three years.  Too bad though they did not include how much a bribe should cost!

Anyway, moving on to the last and certainly the least to most people the About Section


Front and About Page
No traffic information here.  Just some text about MMDA, about the app, the MMDA directory and whatnot.  This section will not going to fascinate you but at least we should be grateful to the guys who developed the app.  Thank you MMDA and developers for giving this app free!  It's a relief that the guys behind this MMDA app and website are social media savvy:  find them on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter here and if you're a hardcore MMDA fanboy watch their YouTube videos here.  Do they also do vlogs too like nigahiga and HappySlip?  I can only imagine.


One last thing and this is not about the app.  It's about the MMDA website:  PLEASE, TURN OFF THE AUTOPLAY ON THE MMDA HYMN!

If you're like me who open a lot of tabs like this:

Too many tabs!

Then it's like finding a needle on a haystack! Why do I open too many tabs? Some of us actually read and not stalk pretty girls on Facebook and Twitter. Some of us actually care to read first before hitting the "like" button and make lengthy comments for the sake of discussion! We do not just surf the net, we make make waves!

Download the app guys and give it a 5 star rating!  What do you think of this app?  Is this necessary?  Any suggestions and wild reactions, drop them at the comments below.  Skadoosh!


Did you get the new version? :)

by Peanut Dela Cruz on October 8, 2011 at 2:49 AM. #

Yes, um, I think so.  They haven't rolled out a new version, did they?  Would love to see this app running on Android, RIM and WP7.

by Earl on October 8, 2011 at 7:37 AM. #

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