Sep 5, 2011

An epipheo is a video that creates a sharable epiphany. In this sense an ephiphany means, "a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience".

The first epipheo I've seen is, "What is Google Wave?"

Back then Google Wave was still on preview and to access it you need to get an invite from Google. The above video is barely 3 minutes long compared to the Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009, though the video included much more details. The video made by Epipheo Studios covered all the basics and what people need to know about Google Wave instead of watching the time-eating developer preview.

We are, like, the Crack Commando A-Team of the marketing world. Large and small companies call us when billboards, websites and typical videos don't work. We get hired when organizations want conversion—you know, when you actually want to change someone's mind about a product, solution or cause. We will do whatever it takes to communicate YOUR idea to the world. - Epipheo Studios

What I like about the videos I've seen (so far) made by Ephipeo Studios is they give you what you need to know. Period. No exaggeration, no lies, no celebrities required and here's the thing, it gives you an idea and after watching the video there is this urge to share the video. Thus, an epipheo.

I wish Philippine advertising and marketing agencies would pay attention to this kind of approach. Personally I'm sick of watching all the ads of products on both TV and web that are either exaggerated or totally impossible. This is just an epiphany, an idea and creativity starts from there. What sets apart good from excellent innovations are the ideas behind them.

Anyway, you should try to check out Epipheo Studios. I would want to have our small business made by them someday. Here are some of my favorites:

Facebook Social Plugins

What is Google Chrome OS?

What is Google Places?

Google Places (Extended Edition)


What Is an Epipheo?

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