Sep 28, 2011


The Blogger team just updated the new blogger allowing dynamic views to be your blog's default template when visitors view your site. Blogger also added two new dynamic views: classic and magazine. See the full post on Blogger buzz here.



I personally love the new magazine dynamic view but sadly DISQUS won't work because dynamic views will not recognize your plugins. We'll just have to wait on Blogger to revamp the comments section as well.

How To Activate

If you're already on Blogger's new interface simply go to template and choose dynamic view, then apply to blog.

Dynamic Views on the New Blogger Inteface

If you're still on the old interface simply go to design then go to template designer.

Dynamic Views on the Old Blogger Interface

How To Revert

I was in a slight panic when I couldn't find button the revert button. Lesson, always back-up your template before making any modifications. I was so excited to see the new dynamic views that I just hit the "apply to blog" button. There is a revert button though, simply go back template designer and click on "revert to previous template" and your template before you used a dynamic view will be back. Still, you should back up your template before making changes.

Revert to Previous Template

Using Dynamic Views

I don't know if a bloggers will incorporate a dynamic view default template on their blogs. Personally, I will still stick to this template but I should probably place a menu or links on how to view my blog in dynamic view.

What do you think of this new feature from Blogger?

Blogger has now taken the notch a little higher by enabling dynamic views.

These new views use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. These views require modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome or Safari. Many elements of these views will not work should you have an older browser.

There are 5 dynamic views for you to choose from: Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. This new offering from Blogger gives users:

  • Infinite scrolling: read more posts without having to reload or click to a second page
  • New layouts: different views suited to different types of blogs
  • Speed: download images as you view them, not all at once in advance
  • Interactivity: there are now more ways to experience and engage with blog content

There were some speculations that these would eventually replace Blogger themes or templates but I don't believe so. Sure, Blogger could probably give you the option but templates especially from the Template Designer will remain. These are just simply dynamic templates that gives authors and readers alike the chance to view a Blogger blog from a different perspective aside from the default template. It's like a Tumblr blog's archive page but it's more dynamic and interactive.

If you have a Blogger blog you can activate Dynamic Views on your Dashboard in Settings. Furthermore, you can dynamic views at [blog-url]/view and you're good to go. A drop down menu is provided for you to choose your type of view.







I tried to revert back to my old template from dynamic view, but it won't revert. The dynamic view stays. I did not backup my template. Please help. Thanks! 

by Soumya Mukherjee on June 8, 2012 at 12:53 AM. #

Go to Dashboard>Template>Customize then at the upper right corner click on "revert back to previous template".  Hope this helps.

by Earl on June 8, 2012 at 1:41 AM. #

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