Sep 1, 2011

MigriƱo, not Migrino

I will be flying back home to Bohol on the 3rd! I miss home, our dogs, our kitchen and my family. I made a short list that I need to accomplish in two weeks time. I'll be flying with Airphil Express (see my revamp of the Airphil Express blog here) from Iloilo to Cebu then Cebu to Tagbilaran via fast craft.

I made this list so that I'll have reachable goals when I get home and not just stare at this, whole day!

All things bright and beautiful!

I'm going to enjoy breakfast again with this in front of me. Read my bible and have coffee the usual but this list will help me to be more productive since I have more resources at home like: a much faster internet connection, a camera and my sister Scarlet as my personal slave assistant.

Obedience Training

Dixie and Maska 

Having a large dog at home is no joke. The first week we had him in Bohol, it was chaos! Piss here, poop there and the cycle begins anew. It didn't took him long though to learn that he's not allowed to do those kind of deeds inside the house. I think only after a week, he has already adapted to the schedule given to him. He and I share the same room at first, at 2am in the morning I'm dreaming about dog poop, then I woke up and there's dog poop all over the floor.

I miss my baby boy, Mum said he's doing well with his mostly vegetable diet. The only problem now is his prey drive. He's a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Belgian Malinois. Both have high prey drives and both have extra extra extra energy because both breeds are working dogs! I really don't have the budget for a personal trainer so I'm scouring the web and watching the Dog Whisperer and try to get some new insights on how to train. If you have some advice of some kind, please do share it with me in the comments below.

Cake Garden

Cake Garden
If you've been reading for a while here, Cake Garden is our own small family business on cakes and pastries.  We also have short courses on desserts, cakes and full meal courses.  I really need to revamp or upgrade and add new posts to the Cake Garden blog.  It's hard to make posts when you're away.  So while I'm home for two weeks, I'll try to document Mum's cakes and pastries.  I'll also be adding new posts on the Recipe category, I'll force ask Mum to try out new recipes.  Also, visit the Cake Garden Gallery and browse our favorites.

Hello Bohol

After seeing the video from Mike Matas, I was blown away (no, not literally). It was so simple, elegant and awesome. I had this concept before on showcasing the city of Tagbilaran, read here. Somehow it died due to severe procrastination and lack of inspiration. Now, I just want to do it and do it I will! I think it's also a good chance to really understand the basics of photography. I think I have a good eye for photography but knowing your stuff is also another thing. Though a nurse's wage is far cry to having a DSLR, who knows, someone might be so good that they'll give me one!

So here's my to-do list in two weeks time. I didn't include there beach bumming but I think I don't need to highlight that - oh, I just did!


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