Mar 29, 2011

Hello! Bohol Logo Draft
Hello! Bohol was my take on HelpDOT. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, read various sources here, here and here.

Anyway, the Department of Tourism (they really need to update their website by the way) launched a new program last November 2010 called "Pilipinas Kay Ganda".  A lot of things went down after that.  #HelpDOT is still an active twitter hashtag up until now and you can also visit the #HelpDOT Daily here.  Below is TeamManila's contribution to HelpDOT.

Philippine Tourism Posters


It all started to listening to Owl City's "Hello Seattle" from the album Ocean Eyes.  If you try to Google the lyrics of the song, it's just plain and simple saying "hello" to Seattle.  From a mountaineer to the horse and the albatross.  So I searched around YouTube and found this interesting video.


The problem of Philippine Tourism is it lacks a great deal of the Philippines and the Filipino people.  Sure, we have great beaches, landscapes, caves and the like but there's a lot more going on in the Philippines on a normal day.  And I also think that they way people think when they travel is that the current mindset is focused on popular tourist spots.  Sure it is a must if you visit a certain place but to travel also means to not only see the place but also to know the people and it's particular culture.

Original Concept:  Hello! Philippines Logo Draft


If you try to Google the lyrics of "Hello Seattle" (anyway here's a link) the message is simple.  It's just paying homage or tribute by saying "Hello" to Seattle. From a mountaineer to a horse and the albatross.  So why can't we present the Philippines that way?  Not only do we present our best tourists spot, we present ourselves.  When I heard "Hello Seattle (Remix)", inspiration, imagination and ideas just flowed while listening to the track.  Let me break it down in parts.


This part is a soft, slow and melodic.

Fishermen preparing their nets. Bakery shops are already getting ready for the days work. All the usual pre-sunsrise activities some people do preparing for the day while most of us are still asleep.


Everything is starting to build up.

Students waking up, breakfast being served.  Traffic enforcers are now on the streets, some shops are now opening.  This part should also feature the behind the scenes of tourist spots and resorts.


Going full blast.

Everything is showed in a fast rate, showing glimpse of everything and everyone.  Teachers, students, tourist guide, driver, police, nurses, doctors, lawyers - everyone.  This goes on until the afternoon.


Breaking it down.

Sunsets.  Evening is finally setting in.  Malls, restaurants and all the evening activities until a kid finishes up her last batch of assignments, calls it a day and prepares to sleep.


I'm fully aware that making a video featuring the Philippines would require time and resources which both I don't really have much thus focusing more on my hometown, Bohol would be a much more achievable goal.  But hey, if you have both resources at titanic level and would love to take this idea to greater heights by all means, do it.


This is an interesting idea. Hope this gets noticed.

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Thank you!

by Earl on March 30, 2011 at 4:21 PM. #

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