Mar 30, 2011

To Train Up a Child
To spank or not to spank?  That is the question but before going futher I suggest you read the previous post, "Training".

Not quite Shakespearian but there has been an uproar from netizens regarding the anti-spanking bill that has just passed first reading.  To give you what's going on, the Positive Discipline Act of 2011 passed the first reading at the House committee on the welfare of children.  The bill is co-authored by Tarlac Representative Susan Yap and Bagong Henerasyon Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy.   Bagong Henerasyon Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy earlier this year urged Aquino to list bill against spanking children as priority.

She authored House Bill 1082 that protects the child from all forms of corporal punishment and threats of physical harm that may be imposed as a disciplinary action by parents, guardians, teachers and elders.

HB 1082 prohibits the imposition of all manners of corporal punishment and other forms of disciplinary penalty, including humiliating or degrading methods against a child.  HB 1082 also promotes positive and non-violent ways of disciplining minors.  Among punishments to be prohibited are pinching (kurot), pulling of ears (pengot) or hair, cutting or shaving of hair, spanking with hand and whipping with belt, among others.

Last year October 2010 Yap filed House Bill 914 and Herrera-Dy filed House Bill 1082, which, if approved, would be called the “Anti-Corporal Punishment Act of 2010".

"The rod in that proverb does not mean a physical rod or a stick used to hit kids. There are another positive and non-violent ways of teaching them by punishing them," Herrera-Dy said.

The Uproar

We will mind our own kids and deal with them if they have mistakes. None of these are your business anyway. Hindi nyo sila inaalagaan, binapabihisan, pinapakain, pinapaaral etc. tapos pakikialaman nyo karapatan naming bilang magulang. Pweh.

We spank them cause we don't want to remind them,but we spank them cause we love them and if they fail then we failed them don't support "THE RETARDED BILL"

Moral lesson: Do not elect officials that has no discipline and qualifications at all. Look at the laws they are passing, very obvious that they are just pretending to be busy. Stop electing people to positions in the govenment when in fact, they just wanted to be actors, actresses, singers, dancers and businessmen.

mga gobyerno natin mahilig talagang gumaya sa mga Western Countries. tignan nga nila ung mga bata sa america, hindi naman pinapalo pero gago pa din diba? may iba din balita na pinalo lang ng mahina ung bata (dahil matigas ulo), tapos pinapulis na kagad ung magulang. ang galing talga ng batas na un no?? gusto din ba ng mga taga bobyerno na maging ganun ang sistema sa pilipinas. Paluin ko kayo e. hahaha.


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