Mar 14, 2011

NursePress is my nursing blog which I started last year.  One of the reasons why I started a nursing blog is that it's been a long time that I have actually practiced my profession.  After graduation I went to Makati, traveled all over Luzon but on the last year of May, I know that I was overdue to really go back to the profession.  The blog at first was just random posts about nursing, resources and events.  I later found out that there were better blogs doing that kind of stuff so the blog was again put into a halt.  I really plan to revive this blog this year.  I want to focus more on learning because Nursing is a profession that is personal and is on a constant change.  It's one of the noblest jobs but it's also one of the dirtiest professions around.  The blog as a 170+ followers on Facebook and 180+ followers on Twitter.  I think it's quite stellar to have that amount of followers for a newbie blogger like me.  Anyway, I've completely revamped the blog including posts that I find redundant but here's a couple of downloads that I have made during that span of time.  Given my knack for design and playing with Photoshop, I've made wallpapers, cheat sheets and posters.  Here's a couple of them that I still find to be useful for nurses.

NANDA Approved Nursing Diagnosis Wallpaper

Nursing Diagnosis Wallpaper


National Core Competency Standards

This is actually a redesign of the document.  You can view and download the original document here.

National Core Competency Standards




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