Sep 17, 2011

Publishing a blog post takes only 10-15 minutes.  Proofreading it may also take the same time or less.  Inserting  HTML tags, adjusting image relative size, drop caps, lighbox - half an hour!  I must say I enjoy tinkering my posts and my blog layout that's why I spent the whole day tweaking Cake Garden yesterday.

Updated Cake Garden Site

While I was coding away, Dad and I are also chatting on Skype at the same time. He was like, "why do we need two blogs for Cake Garden?" "Well this one is not really the blog, it's the main site with the gallery and all they need to know about Cake Garden. It's just that we're using Blogger to host our site and blog. Cake Garden Blog is the blog, this one is the main site. Give your readers this link." I replied - a bit annoyed. "I'm confused", he said. "Don't be, just give them this link and not the blog. They'll come around eventually", I fired back. "Aiyoh! So confusing lah!"

Well that's not really the whole transcript but it pretty look much like that. The thing is, you can make great websites using Blogger. I was bored at WordPress. It's too easy. That is why I came back here on Blogger for my personal stuff. Now, more details on the tweaked Cake Garden site.

Price and  Try

This is the major change I made yesterday. I basically re-edited all the image on the entries on Photoshop and attached the designated price on each product.  Rounded Pricing & Info Callouts PSD from 365psd.  The ones that has the Try tag on are custom orders. They're not really part of the streamlined products but if customers with to try it out, we'll give them a quote on the said item. I re-posted every entry from the ground up. It took decades.

Google Web Fonts

I don't use Google Web Fonts very often. I find it annoying to have different types of font on a website or blog but this time will be an exception.  I used Rokkitt for the menus and the introduction text and Love Ya Like A Sister for the introduction title.

Cake Garden Logo

Finally, I placed back the Cake Garden logo that I removed last time. The navigation menus were also reduced to four links and some of the links are placed in the "Elsewhere" links category in the footer area. A featured link list is also added in the footer to showcase our top products.

Cake Garden Favicon

I also updated the Cake Garden favicon with a new color combination. This is still experimental though, I would like to try out other color schemes to give the icon a yummy taste.

There are still a lot of areas that needs to be improved.  I tried adding a slideshow, not too flashy - just a simple slideshow but there seems to be a problem with the javascripts.  Anyway, if you're in Bohol don't miss to order pasalubong from Cake Garden.  Visit the gallery here, find us on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter here.

Need your blog tweaked?  Send me a paper airplane here.


Haha! Yes, i'ts our family business in Bohol.  This was our little cupcake idea back in Iligan.

by Earl on January 5, 2012 at 9:20 AM. #

i'm a little confused though... is cake garden your family business? or what? hehehe! :)

by April Lizel Alagar on January 5, 2012 at 9:20 AM. #

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