Aug 2, 2011

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Kevin Durant for Smartbro
What's wrong with this picture?

Just because Kevin Durant endorses your product doesn't mean it changes the whole experience.  I guess that's the trend of advertising nowadays - lying.  They'll just pretty much get some celebrity or a popular dude to endorse their stinking product and wallah!  I don't know about you but I'm quite sick of seeing advertisements like these.  Instead of getting creative, improving your service they do this and still maintain crappy the same quality of service.

I do not even begin to imagine what is the connection of KD and SmartBro.  If you do know, fill me in.  Oh, probably because KD is the #1 scorer and if we try to get him to endorse us we'll magically become #1 too!  If you do know, please do fill in the gap.

Globe Tattoo
I think it's a trend in our country and in our culture to be amused.  So in order to get the people's attention we give them shiny things, popular guys and gals, lavish promotions and whatnot.  But when you try to really dig in to all these and ask the question, does it really matter?

The answer to that question is a big, staggering NO!  Why do you think Apple made it to the top?  Why Facebook and Twitter (also try Google+) are among the popular social networks of today?  I don't see any popular icon on their ads.  It's simple:  their services work and the they give great experience their consumers and users.

I think companies don't need to treat us like we're stupid enough to believe something like this.  Improve your service, give us a good experience and we'll do the advertising for you.

Here's one of my favorite commercials for this year.

'Tis simple, funny, short and yet leaves an impact.

Consider also an Epipheo.

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