Aug 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!
So apparently someone scribbled my birthday on the calendar.  Little did they know that I stopped celebrating mine 3 years ago, so I'm still officially 25!

When we were younger there seems to be an excitement about your birthday.  It's like your very special day, it's like everything is going your way.  Everyone's your friend, wishing you the best!  It's also a special day when you can have almost anything you want.  I want a new shoes for my birthday, new t-shirt, a gaming console maybe.  This was such a thrill when I was younger - I'm still young though.

Probably it was a gradual loss of excitement but recently I realized I'm not excited about my birthday anymore.  I do not when was the time it started when birthdays just became ordinary days.  Sure, I may go out or eat out with some friends and family but it's different when I was younger.  The thrill was gone, I wonder how in the world happened.

Or could it just be that, I am getting old?

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