Aug 16, 2011

Dixie and Maska
I miss our dogs.  I think I haven't mentioned our other dog, Dixie.  She's much older than she looks.  She's been with us for more than five years.  Maska is a 7-month old Siberian Husky-Belgian Malinois crossbreed.  I had him here before here in Kalibo.  I had to take him last April because of some plans and I can't leave him here in Kalibo.  I though he would freak out during our trip from Kalibo-Manila-Tagbilaran.  When I went to pick him up at the cargo hold in Tagbilaran, he was just there relax, cool as ice (well, not literally).

Maska and Dixie are complete opposites.  From their physique to their personalities.  But they both love junk foods and ice cream.  I know those stuff are not good for them (or us) but you know when they give you this look, you just melt in submission. And oh, both dogs when they see the car door open or see you open it, they'll rocket themselves in!


Dixie and Lace
Dixie and my sister Lace have one thing in common, sleep.  If sleeping was a career, they'd be pros!  Often times we step on her  tail or feet because she's small and looks like our rug.  Once a year we shave off all her fur because of the matting.  Of course you could not blame her for that.  Blame the owners who are too lazy to give her daily brush.  We procrastinate on brushing her her fur until it's too late we need to take her to the dog clinic for a shave.  Her first shave was traumatic.  I think she's got sensitive spots and every time the shave hit it, she freaks out.

Dixie is very picky with her food.  She loves sunny side up eggs, frittata, and chicken (occasionally).  She's a mushy doll we hug and squeeze and sometimes throw up in the air (woops!).


Puppy-dog Eyes
This is one hyperactive pup!  He lasts longer than any energizer battery!  Now that he's grown big, he's now stronger and faster, like zoom-zoom!  But unlike Dixie he's also very smart.  Dixie is well, not really dumb but kind of slow but also cute.  Maska is highly intelligent, potty trained him for a week.  Now that he is in Bohol, they told me he's doing much better in his routine.  Cats and chickens are not safe when he is around.  He's like a bully, when he sees something smaller than him he pins it down with his paw.  Poor kitty.   His first week in Bohol was chaos.  Poop here, piss here and the occasional bump.  He's got no manners at first.  If you're standing on his way, there's no way this dog would maneuver he'd bump right into you and trust me he's strong.  But he's lovable and loyal.  He loves to play and run around and pick up sticks until I get tired of throwing it.  He's a big teaser and Dixie is such an old hag!

I miss these two but picking up poop is one thing I don't miss any at all!

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