Aug 18, 2011

I got a new header today.  All thanks to Function for the stunning free character pack!  Without it I'd be hopeless!  I shouldn't have procrastinated on developing my drawing skills when I was younger.  But that was done, now is now and I need to catch up.  Watching the works of Books of Adam, Ricardo Gimenes and The Creative Dork gives me such enthusiasm that I just want to hit a canvas, wall, face or paper but I prefer on my iPhone while laying down and enjoying my day off.

Before going on further, what's up when you're having a day off.  Time seems to slug down when I'm passing out medications (to patient's of course) and carrying out doctor's orders (not necessarily lifting them but you know doing them).  Admitted two patients in the ER, sipped some Coke (softdrink, duh!), gave medications, rang the bell (no fire, just calling the lifters), some Coke again (still the softdrink) and still it's 9am!  What in the world?  But when I'm just laying down on my bed, reading news and blogs from my iPhone, playing Need For Speed Most Wanted for the nth time - 12pm!  What!  Yeah, yeah, it's relativity I know but I'm sticking with my story.  Time is biased!

So where was I? Ah, my masterpiece! Caution though, this is not for the faint of heart. I purposely placed the image right after the jump because this image might scare people away from this blog and won't return after the horror. If you think you can't handle something horrifying or can't even brave watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" then this is not for you! Leave! Wait, don't leave you can browse other posts though. Anyway, the revelation after the jump!

Now back on me being a horrific drawer (one who draws?), I tried doing  the, um, thing on Adobe Ideas so I don't need to waste precious paper while doing my dirty work (excuses!).  To my horror this is the result!

Maniac Baby

You know I'm so depressed right now that I think I need to sleep this one off.


My cousin said this awesome, I know she's just being polite and all that or probably she has different taste.  Maybe she likes maniac babies.  I think she's inspired in some way.  Said she would be also making her own drawings soon - stick figures!  That, I want to see!

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