Aug 21, 2011

I have a bad unique penmanship.  I'm both a slow writer and a fast thinker simultaneously.  Hand could not keep up with Brain most of the time when I'm writing that's why I prefer typing.  Both guys seems to be in the same page when I'm typing.  It makes me wonder what are the activities that my body parts are synced or out of sync.


There's no need to explain further.  You can view the result here but well, let me just explain a little more further.  Just a little.  I think Brain and Hand are in constant argument whenever I try to draw.  Brain visualizes something artistic but Hand has his own mind that he diverts Brain's instruction resulting in utter chaos - maniac babies.


If there's one thing I don't like about being a nurse - it's charting!  Those charts can be a real pain in the hand.  Hand's starting to complain that he's getting cramps, brain wanted to sleep.  Stomach is hungry and Eyes just wanted to join brain in the sleepathon!  I'm never good in catching up notes so that's why back in college I do most of lazy students do (but I'm not lazy, just a slow writer) - photocopy!  I tell you having the notes of someone else's handwriting that is so readable makes me want to procrastinate even more!  Oh well, I can read the notes anytime, her handwriting is so good that I can probably absorb all the information in an hour.  But I procrastinate even more, well, let's give it 15 minutes.  Then I realize it's all too late, I resort to some of you have already done - cheating!


Brain says, "I love running!"  Feet says, "no stinkin' way!"  It's a constant battle every morning that I should be running.  I could almost hear my body parts arguing to each other.  Brain says, "he should run or he'll get fatter like [insert fat person here].  Hand, slap him!"  "No way, I'm tired too you know.  We've been typing on his less-interesting blog all night long!", Hand exclaimed.  Stomach is hungry, Feet is asking for 15 more minutes and hand seems to be doing a good job at hitting the snooze button.


Who knows?
This is probably the one activity that all of my members are in sync in a span of time.  But not too long, Stomach starts complaining that he's already full and hand and mouth should stop stuffing 6-feet tall hamburger down Throat.  "Hey, Brain tell those idiots to stop!", Stomach cried.  "Okay guys you can stop feeding now, we're already full.", Brain said.  But do you think those two idiots listen?  Nah, they still keep on cramming on whatever they see fit and that is why I have this, um, a bit of a size.

So, what's your story?


Lol. I'm probably the exact opposite.  I write faster than I think. :P

by Robx Bautista on August 23, 2011 at 2:51 PM. #

I could imagine Brain would be like screaming - whoa whoa...down boy!

by Earl on August 23, 2011 at 4:01 PM. #

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