Aug 17, 2011

EXPRESSions on Air
I am desperate!  So I'm turning my  blog tweaking skills into cash!  You name the price!  Yep, seriously.  Seriously?  I just said seriously.  Piso!  Nah, c'mon man!  Seriously, a blog tweak for one peso?

I can't code a blog layout from the ground up but I could pick a layout for you and tweak it here and there.  You know those pesky lines of codes you dreadfully hate, I can manage.  Why?  Because I care!  I care about your Blogger blog looking ambushed by ads and buttons and links and banners and all that stuff that makes me and other readers want to leave your blog right away!

EXPRESSions on Air Sample Blog
You see I'm particular about a lot of things like:  typography, width, header, logo and the like.  I don't like pop-ups, screaming ads, deceiving ads and photos that are not aligned well in a post, like they were just plastered there for no reason whatsoever!

Since I have this handful of skill and I have these handful of items that I need want:  speakers, Crocs, G-shock and a printer I might as well convert this skill into hard, cold cash!  Hey, at least I'm being honest here.  For how much?  Well, I'll let you decided that.  In other words, whatever you can afford.  Let's talk!

To the left you see the current blog of Airphil Express and below is a sample blog tweak.  Here are some of the tweaks.


It's obvious that I totally changed the theme.  There's a lot of theme resources for Blogger blogs.  Blogger Templates, Dzignine, Lite Themes and Best Theme to name a few.  Choosing a theme is important and crucial.


I also added a bunch of new gadgets compared to the current blog.  Recently on Twitter, a Facebook fan page the recent comments section.


I love using lightbox on images.  It allows you to view and zoom the image without leaving the page.  Try clicking on the image and you'll see what I mean.


I'm not a fan of the current blogger comment system.  So I installed a sample DISQUS comment system.  You can reply directly from a comment and you can also tweet or share your comments on Twitter or Facebook.


I love typography and I love making typographic headers.  I'm using Bello for the header for the sample blog.


Last but not certainly least, social bookmarking and sharing.  For this sample blog I only included share on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus One.

So these are the basic rundown of the sample tweaks I made.  I can guide you and give you choices on plugins, themes and whatnot.  You can make me rich happy!


Hey this is nice! I know a lot of blogspot bloggers who might be interested. =)

By the way, I'm liking your blog! Did you do the cartoon up top?

by Robx Bautista on August 18, 2011 at 10:19 AM. #

Thanks a bunch! I wish I did, but nah.  Say, are you open for some freelance work?  I tried doing it on my own but failed (new post).  Thanks for dropping by though.  Love your works!

by Earl on August 18, 2011 at 11:14 AM. #

Hmmmmmm.... I'm currently not accepting new work eh. Super full sked na. >_< But thanks! =)

by Robx Bautista on August 22, 2011 at 7:14 PM. #

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