Dec 10, 2011

I just would like to say that this post is an ice breaker.  Every time I sit down and type nothing comes out but every time I'm at work ideas seem to be endless.  When I try to write them down, it stinks.  So to break this off I'd like to feature  "[COIN]cidence".  It's a pretty neat title, don't you think?

Coincidence is a short film entry for the Bohol Arts Festival 2011.  The story is about a boy who went to the restroom, found a coin, found some more coins and then some and lost one coin.  He then decided to buy a drink but since he lost this one coin, he can't.  So off he went back to his last spot and found the coin but was picked up first by the girl he met on the bus station  where he was just sitting for like 5 minutes and not hopping into a bus.  By the way, when he was at the bus station he and the girl found a coin between them resulting a very "touchy" moment.  So in the end the girl handed over the missing coin to the guy and he forgot about his drink and went off with the girl to some "tambayanan" place in Tagbilaran we call, K of C.

Behind the scenes footage after the jump.

I honestly love the video and hope will bag and award during the festival. The only thing I was annoyed at was the very first ten seconds of the film. Too flashy and unoriginal.

Anyway, don't miss Bohol Arts Festival 2011 on December 16-18. More information here.

Bohol Arts Festival 2011

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nice.. kay taga info man ko :)

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