Jan 12, 2012

So here I am backed up with draft posts but I know I just have to push this one through.  We have a small family business called Cake Garden here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.  It's a delicious mix of cakes, pastries and good food - more than the usual.  Sounds like DOT's previous campaign.  Anyway, we had been pounded with tons of orders during the holidays from family and friends.  Now that hype slowed down a bit and we got a wee bit of time to improve our products and the Cake Garden Blog.

New Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns

The new sticky buns are bigger, gooey-y, buttery, caramel-y and imbued with more cinnamon.  Last year, we included these babies in our price list but we did not really market them for the reason we're still experimenting on the different types of dough to be used.  We even tried using Brioche dough in one occasion.  For the final product, we'll be using sweet dough for your sticky bun cravings.

Streusel Brioche

The new Sticky Buns is up for 300 a dozen. This is one of the products that we try to push to market this year. Here's the feature video presentation.

Macaroons & Ensaymada

Here's a couple of products that we'd like to make a dent on the market for this year and hopefully will be added to our current favorites.

Coco Macaroons

Special Ensaymada

More Than Just Cakes

We are already starting to explore and expand to signature dishes. I think it is just right since Mom is a Culinary Arts graduate of ISCHAM.  So here's one of her signature dish, the Oven-Barbecued Pork Ribs.

Oven-Barbecued Pork Ribs

We are planning to roll out this baby when we expand to a new outlet in the city.  We are still technically within the city but more on the outskirts.  Specifically, near the Sandugo Shrine.  We can arrange breakfasts, lunch and dinners for you though.  We are going to top your gastronomic experience with a million-dollar view too.

Twin Rainbows

Leche Flan Secret Recipe

I just learned today that our recipe in making our Leche Flan is totally different from the traditional method. I think that is why a lot people are tolling this video on YouTube. Anyway, the reason why this remains to be one of the top favorites is because Mom have developed her recipe for years.  We can tell but we have to kill you.  The good news is we can teach you this technique. Mom used to teach a small group over the weekends on desserts and dishes. You can learn more about our short courses here.

Marketing & Packaging

I would really like to focus on marking and packaging this year for Cake Garden.  This is a family business and we've been everything by ourselves.  From baking, shopping, video making, logo making, website, blog, packaging, stickers, design and whatnot.

Yesterday, I just finished re-designing the Cake Garden Blog.

Cake Garden Blog

For the next couple of days, I'll look forward to giving the Cake Garden Gallery a face lift.  We're also on Facebook and Twitter, that too needs a little clean up and brush up.

New Logo

About three months ago, I made this new Cake Garden logo sketch.  Since this business started with a cupcake business, it was appropriate I chose a cupcake then some vines and possibly some flowers on the final logo.  The vines and flowers will depict Mom's love for her garden and will soon incorporate flowers in our cake designs very soon.

New Cake Garden Logo Sketch

I then asked my brother who is more skilled than I when it comes to Photoshop to trace the sketch and give some colors for a preliminary draft.

New Cake Garden Logo Draft #1

Now, he's giving the logo some finishing touches.

New Cake Garden Logo Draft #2

I'm really excited to incorporate this new logo on the packaging.  We are still going to improve this logo but the concept really starting to show up.  Next up will be print and typography.


Sticker with Bible Verse

We're incorporating Bible verses in our stickers.  This greatly consider this family business to be God's blessing through his grace and it is just fitting to give Him back all the glory and honor.  Also, here's a very simple DIY Bible verses on frames I made during the holidays.

Bible Verses on Frame

On A Personal Note

I wish I could just work at long nights but I really can't because of my beastfriend.

Maska the Huskinois

Yes, this is my buddy who gets up very early at 5am for his morning play and run.  He just turned one last December and he too has a role in our business - food taster!  So far he's not complaining.

It's More Fun In The Philippines

Okay, so I'm not a killjoy anymore.  So here's a bonus photo of Twin Rainbows wearing the latest DOT campaign, "It's More Fun in the Philippines".  Still, nah - never mind.  Enjoy the rest of the week you guys and keep them comments coming down south on this post!

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