Jan 28, 2012

Killer Eyes, Puppy Love

Maska is my 2-month 1-year old Siberian Husky-Belgian Malinois cross pup. He's been with me for almost 3 weeks now. Before I took him in, some folks told me crossbreeds usually have behavior problems. I'm not a dog expert but somewhere in my mind, a theory lodges in there before I shot the question at Yahoo! Answers. I think dog behaviors highly depend on how owners raise them when they are still very young. Huskies and Malinois are both highly energetic and active. They also belong to the same class: working dogs.

Maska the Huskinois

I think Maska is a wonderful cross (also pointed out on Yahoo! Answers), bearing some slight resemblance to his Husky father but his build and form is more of a Malinois. Both breeds are also loyal and highly intelligent.

Before I took him home, I shot the question, "Is a Belgian Shepherd-Siberian Husky crossbreed two-month old puppy a good choice?" on Yahoo! Answers. Here some of the answers.

It's Up To You

Cross breeds often have less health issue's than pure bred dogs. Whether or not it has behavioral issues is completely up to you. How much hard work are you willing to do? You will need to establish good communication and control with it ASAP, take it to training/obedience classes and give it a ton of exercise. Working dogs are very high energy and if not given adequate exercise will become destructive out of boredom. They are also very smart and will need to be kept mentally stimulated. If you have the time, money and capabilities to offer that the the puppy then yes it would be a good choice.

This is really my first time to really raise a pup for myself. We had dogs before and we have Dixie, a 4-year old Terrier-Poodle cross at home but most of the time we delegate some of the important tasks to our helper. Now, its all up to me. I think it's a good change for me, there is the sense of responsibility and there's no other person to face it but me.



Any dog can have behavioral problems. This is typical from lack of leadership, training and proper exercise. There is nothing wrong with getting an adult dog and working on any issues the dog may have but the advantage of a puppy is that you are starting fresh and can work with your puppy so that he/she will not have any serious behavioral issues if any. I think both of these breeds can be good dogs. You should read up on both if you have not done so already.

This is somewhat kind of a reliever - any dog can have behavioral problems. It seems that my theory was correct. As I work on him, I am also working myself particularly on leadership.


That is a wonderful cross, both very good breeds but they are working dogs and you have to be able to work him and it is all about you. You will have a good dog if you are a calm person and work with it that is true for any breed. There really are no bad dogs just bad owners. Remember if you get him it is a long commitment and don't forget to have him neutered. Don't want to have more unwanted dogs out there. Think about it and good luck.

Having Maska is having a relationship, it's also good that my girlfriend loves dogs and I do hope she get to meet him someday. Like any other relationship there needs to be constant communication. I try to walk him at the nearest park here every morning and every afternoon. The rest of the time when he's not with me he is with Annie the Golden Retriever in the dog pad.

I don't really like it when people decide to bring home a pet and let others do the dirty work. Nothing more than just status symbol. I appreciate dog owners who get down and clean the mess their young pup has made.

Having a pup is not all play and cuteness. It's hard work, sweat, patience, discipline and more patience. Give me patience, now!

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Update: Here are some videos from Facebook.

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