Nov 6, 2011

Sky Lomo

Sky Lomo is an iPhone wallpaper  which I released last year of July.  My last check was on the download stats was about 174.  Maybe for some you that is just but a very small number compared to a thousand downloads but for me, that is pretty neat.  I forgot when was the last time I checked the download stats on Mediafire and today I decided to take a peek.  266!  I was like, baby baby ooh wow!  After all this time there are still a few souls that have been downloading the wallpaper.  So today I'm going to give it a little umph and throw in some extras.  By the way, this is a re-post from my now defunct blog, Kwur-tee.

The image above was taken from my trusty 'ol iPhone 3Gs, which I still am using by the way. The image was captured in our home in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. I used Morelomo for the lomo effect. Do not download the image above because it's been resized. Download links , previews and extras (yes, some extras!) right after the break.

Sky Lomo Preview

Sky Lomo Folder

Sky Lomo Home Screen

Sky Lomo Lock Screen

Download Sky Lomo iPhone Wallpaper

Extra Extra!

There's nothing more like a freebie with a couple of extras!  So here's a couple, no three bonus images for you!

"Boats" Watercolor

In my last post, I told you guys I was a bit obsessed with the watercolor effect in Photoshop.  So I decided to transform one of my favorite captured images from my iPhone, "Boats".


"Boats" was taken in Dauis, Panglao on a fiery sunset afternoon in Junction, Dauis, Bohol. The image was then edited and processed using Camera+.

Watercolor Effect

Boats in Watercolor

I would really love to see these photos in print someday.

"Boats" Preview

Boats Folder

Boats Home Screen

Boats Lock Screen

Sky Lomo Desktop Wallpaper

Last but certainly not least, a desktop wallpaper version of Sky Lomo. This is the landscape version of the image and practically the same photo manipulations.

Sky Lomo Desktop Wallpaper

I would appreciate if you would link back to this post or my site if you have to share these photos. A line or two in the comments below would be also great!

Download Sky Lomo and Boats iPhone Wallpaper

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