Nov 6, 2011

I'm currently obsessed over this watercolor effect on Photoshop.  So much so, I have decided to work on the "Golden Series" of our own small family business, Cake Garden in Bohol.  The following are some of the favorites and top purchases of all time.  Some of the items that will correspond to the "Golden" theme will be added later on.  For now, here's a small preview of Cake Garden's Golden Series.

Leche Flan

One of the oldest favorites, the Leche Flan has come a long way. From revisions to experimentation to give the old Filipino classic a better texture and taste. This is the image that started this project. More items after the jump. Enjoy

Sticky Bun

Brazo de Mercedes

Cassava Pudding

Chiffon Cake

Please do visit our gallery here and watch the promotional videos here.

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