Nov 8, 2011

I have been working here in Kalibo, Aklan for a year now yet I have never set foot at the famous Boracay Island.  I have my reasons.  First, the fare and the accommodation would amount to the same as going home to Bohol.  I would always choose the latter.  Second, I don't like crowds.  If you have been a following this blog (and you should) notice that I do not post (or tweet) about going to bars, concerts and whatnot.  Again, I have my reasons for that and probably will discuss on a separate post.  Anyway, this time I had another set of reasons why I should go to Boracay.  First, it was free almost free.  Second, I have two days more to spend on my days off.  I feel that my stay in Kalibo won't be much longer now at least I can visit Caticlan and Boracay for the time being free.  Thanks by way to my good friend Randy Miasco, CEO of RJM Travel Services.  This is not a sponsored post but if you plan on traveling  he can help you out.

Be Right Back

The primary purpose of this trip was mainly business.  The second we got there we hit the road and visited almost all the hotels found on stations 1,2 and 3.  I admit I had high expectations before I came.  With all the hype shown on the television and magazines, I thought Boracay would be somewhat different.  I was not really impressed as people often compare Boracay to Bohol and I think majority would say that Boracay is much better than Bohol "hands down".  Whatever that means.


Let's start with the sort of a bad news.  Boracay one of  the major tourist destinations in our country is still yet lacking the facilities and services it out to have.  Seriously?  The port?  After all these years people still need to walk the plank?  I guess we Filipinos don't really invest on safety and security.  Sure, it's part of the "thrill" and "adventure" so to speak but this is not like some remote and secluded island.  This is one major tourist destination.  

The pump boat ride is about 5-15 minutes from Caticlan Jetty Port and you think it would be that far.  Nope, from the port you can visibly see the island of Boracay.  I'm not sure if they have seen a structure called a bridge.  San Juanico bridge, anyone?  I do not know who are calling the shots on the developments of our tourist destinations but they don't have the vision and the innovation.  They have jingles and videos to promote local tourism yet still oblivious to the state of our facilities and services.

The port of Boracay too is not what I expect it would be.  Even the island itself.  You would expect that the island would be highly developed because of the sheer income of tourists visiting everyday but no, it's still the same.  Small roads, pool lighting and the cost of living is quite high too.  On our way back to Caticlan we get to chat with our tricycle driver and he said one kilo of Galonggong cost 120Php.  Anyway, he also said if you know your way around making good business you can earn up to 5,000 a week.  Yet still, the condition of the place is still not satisfactory or in sync with the earnings from tourists.

The Crowd

If you're a people person and would like to party and all that stuff, Boracay would be the perfect place for you.  As we walked through a long chain of restaurants, hotels, malls, diving shops, pizza parlors I realized this was not something new to me.  Bohol has a smaller version (much smaller) of this in Alona, which I also don't go there.  As I have said earlier there I did not feel any "wow" feeling at all.  It was more like a "oh ok, not bad".

Boracay Night Scene

We ate dinner at a buffet joint for 250 Php. Not bad at all.  We bought an overpriced mango shake for 60 Php each realizing our folly after we finished our cups.  We stayed at a budget and staff-friendly hotel at Villa Romero Boracay.

Paint Tracing

D'mall though is an amazing section. Feels like you're in a mall only you have sand on your feet and everyone is wearing beach clothes.  I was eager to see the beach in the morning maybe this could turn some of my disappointments around.

Classic Pancakes

It was a bleak-ish Tuesday morning but there was a bit of sunlight still.  Enough to make you sparkle like a vampire.  We enjoyed an overpriced classic pancakes at the Pancake House.  The Foursquare check-in I made should be listed as a duplicate.  Why do people need to create a new, yet the same place in Foursquare?  After them pancakes, it was time to hit the beach and boy did it hit me.

Blue Sky, White Sand

I am glad my disappointments were washed away (temporarily) as I swam through the crystal blue-green waters.  I would definitely say that compared to Bohol's beaches, Boracay's beach and its front is so way much better.  The beachfront is a gazillion miles from end to end and the sand was fine.  Minus the hairy guys running in your direction, it would best!

Epic Skim

As we wrap our brief Boracay trip, I really would like also to visit stations 4 and 5. I hear there is much lesser crowd there, just more of the beach, sand and the sky. I did not leave Boracay with a "I shall return" notion inside my head but probably someday I will.

Or I could just go home to Bohol and go to Kanlungon.  What is your Boracay experience?

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