Apr 6, 2013

1Q84, Haruki Murakami

Rating: ★★★★☆

1Q84 is my first Murakami book.  I saw it first in the stands of National Bookstore and it generated quite a buzz on Twitter.  Some people even asked me if I have read the book, I said no.  It was three weeks ago when I started to review for the IELTS that I muster myself to get back into reading.  I already have a digital copy of 1Q84 since last year but I never moved a chapter, always staring into chapter one and procrastinated ever since.  Then Readmill came and I finished the book in three weeks.  Again it's my first Murakami book and also my very first reading in a very long time.

Truth be told I really enjoyed this book though I think there are several places that were described too well.  I love the combination of reality and the supernatural.  The history embedded within the characters' conversation is amazing with a wide coverage from music, movies and other literature.  The character development of the main characters Tengo and Aomame was brilliant. 

Ushikawa by Kara Timmons

The additional of a third major character at the concluding chapters was a surprise and it further intensifies the story as it reaches its peak.

I also that Murakami seems to incorporate the story with these following themes:  classical music, jazz music, cats, ears, dreams and food preparation.  Some of these are described to the very last detail that sometimes you just want to get on with it and not to be dragged with these extra descriptions.  However, as the plot thickens and as the world of 1Q84 widens you get lost in translation in Murakami's world with two moons.

I don't if this is going to the best book for this summer since I am already on my second Murakami Book, Kafka on the Shore but for starters it is a very good read and would definitely recommend this book a worthy read.

I'm not sure if an 1Q84 would be in production very soon, fat chance but I was thinking that an animated adaptation would be more suitable just like 5 Centimeters Per Second.  You should follow me on Readmill here.