Mar 31, 2013


Rating: ★★★★☆

Do we really need another book reader with all the various apps like iBooks, Stanza, Kindle and Nook available in the iOS platform?  Apparently yes.  Readmill is probably the best designed ebook reader app to date.  The app uses proper typography with no clutter whatsoever.  It's so clean you just want to gobble up those text one page at a time.

Books (iPhone)

I am no wide reader nor a bookworm of some sorts but this app made me read 1Q84 two weeks straight.  I tried viewing the ebook on iBooks before and as soon as I got into the third page, I was bored already.  This is an example of using great design and functionality. 


One of my favourite functionality of Readmill is its highlighting system.  You can share the mover Twitter and Tumblr directly, make comments, share to Facebook or embed highlights on your blog.

Also, if you're offline and you make a highlight and choose to share over Twitter or Tumblr, the app automatically tweets or posts your highlight once internet connection is available. 

Readmill Profile on iPad

Readmill Profile on Browser

Signing up is relatively easy, you have the option to sign up via Facebook.  This will also display all your Readmill activity on your Facebook timeline.  Your Readmill profile is then created with your information on currently reading, highlights and followers.  I think this is somewhat like Goodreads but much cleaner and beautifully designed.

Highlights (iPhone)

Another great feature I love is that you can pick up where you left on your current reading when using different devices.  If you've been reading using your iPad last night and when you go to work the next day you decided to continue reading with your iPhone, all your highlights made are synced automatically and the app brings you to where you left off on your iPad.  This is provided of course if you're online and have synced your library.  Still, a very neat feature. 


I think one of the most requested feature for this app is the option to categorize the user's books.  I'm not one to complain since I don't have tons of books but yes I think it is a good option to categorize your ebooks.  Readmill is still a work in progress and I hope to see them on the Windows Phone platform soon because I am going  to miss this app sorely when I switch to a Lumia.

I don't have much any comparison with other apps, like I said I'm a casual reader and before Readmill I prefer a real book over ebooks.  If you can compare Readmill with an another ebook reader app, please do drop by at the comment section below.

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