Jun 2, 2012

Randy & Mercy Wedding

It's a blessing to see a lot of friends getting married this year.  For starters, wedding websites and invitations are not really my forte but I took one project over the summer.  I guess there is always a first time for everything and it's great to see the outcome of the project which is still on-going by the way.

Wedding Website

It has come to my attention that wedding websites are now part of the trend when planning a wedding.  With the help of social media it is now very easy inform everyone about the details and to keep everyone in the loop.  The article from Mashable, "7 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Website" should give you an idea.

There's a lot of free online wedding platforms but I used Blogger instead and bought a domain.  I used the Blogger version of Memoir which was originally a WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.  The main reason I chose Blogger is that freedom to heavily customize the template to your liking.  You can view Randy & Mercy's wedding website here.

Wedding Invitation

Another part of Randy & Mercy's wedding I took to help out is their wedding invitation.  I love beautiful typography and I love the smell of paper and ink.  They said they wanted something like an airline ticket wedding invitation like this.  So by the power of Grayskull Photoshop, I printed first a draft layout to give the couple an idea of what their invitation would look like.

The Draft

Folds Draft

Front Draft

Tickets Draft

The invitation consists of two sections:  the folds and the tickets.  The folds contain general information about the wedding: the when, what, how and probably why.  The tickets hold detailed names of the ceremony and the witnesses.  Funny though, as I was typing away I came across my name under the "Master of Ceremony".  If there is one thing I am not a master of, this is it.

As more details and revisions pour in, I decided to print the final draft in the couples desired color combination:  baby blue and baby pink.  Yes, I Googled those two baby colors to know what in the world are  their color hex code.  I just settled on to the nearest shade of those colors that would render the print readable.

The Final Draft

Folds Final Draft

Front Final Draft

Tickets Final Draft

There are still quite a few revisions I need to do but this is an overview of their wedding invitation.  Next would be making the instructions on how to print and fold these.  I should probably start a vlog!

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