Jun 17, 2012

The following post is my entry to the #NokiaSustainabilityChallenge in my desperate move the hopes to win a Nokia 808 PureView.

Day 1:  Walk

I make daily deliveries of cakes and pastries to a local hospital here on Tuesdays through Saturday.  To save on fuel and as a means of exercise, I leave the car in our favorite parking area and walk back home.  The above video is a record of some of my walk/run sessions.

Day 2:  Disconnect

We have a new rule at home running for the past two weeks already.  During weekdays, our internet connection, router, PCs and PS3 are not to be used in the morning.  We get to only to use the devices at 1PM to 11PM.  It was quite an adjustment.  Online we siblings hack and shoot zombies or play Team Deathmatch on Modern Warfare 3 but this time, music jam!

Day 3:  Rain

Rain Tower

We've been using the rain water reserve for a while now.  We've been using it on our garden and in car washing.  This is one great way to save on the water bill.

Day 4:  Batteries

Intercom and Emergency Light

We've been using a battery powered intercom system and in our emergency light system at home.  These batteries are apparently are in for disposal but are still in very good shape so we thought of reusing them to power our intercom and emergency lights.

Day 5:  Monitors

Security Camera

Another reused gadget we installed is a security camera system.  We have a couple of these cams at home.  Again, these are not brand new but they are off to be "disposed" but then again, still in very good condition.  It is a very cheap and very useful home security system.

Day 6:  Oil

Oil Candle

Here in the Philippines we often have power outages and sometimes these power interruptions last the whole night.  Though we have emergency lights, we still try to conserve their power as much as possible.  We found this idea in a local restaurant here, using used cooking oil as lamps.  These reused energy serves also as a mosquito and fly repellent.

Day 7:  Green

Home Garden

Lastly, go green.  We added a few pots of green in our balcony this week.  Maska, our beloved Huskinois seems to enjoy it.

So, there's my seven-day chronicle for the Nokia Sustainability Challenge!  I do hope people participating in the contest will be able to sustain these activities and not just for the Nokia 808's sake.  Wild reactions, sound off in the comments below.

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I enjoyed your blog especially that playing guitar. Glad I came across here. Thank you for posting.

Zummi | sustainability Philippines

by Zusanee on October 1, 2012 at 5:19 PM. #

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