Feb 3, 2012

A Walk To Remember

I could not seem to recall when was the last time I visited the K of C drive.  The K of C drive is a place for friends, lovers, broken hearts, sunset lovers and some more.  The place used to free, now they are taxing two pesos per head upon entrance.  Vehicles are not allowed anymore inside (except for vendors) and there's a cottage rental at 100Php.  As I approached the gate and asked the lady when did they start asking for fees, she replied 3 years ago.  Has it been that long?  I could still remember we go down and take a dip in its waters when we were bored during a hot summer afternoon.  I could still remember running in the midst of the street and shout, "the hills are alive..." even though there were no hills around us.  I could still remember us cousins playing a "seesaw" in the water using a "salbabida".  Ours were made from patched up old truck tires.  I could remember our eldest cousin as he swam further and further into the horizon and wished I had the same courage to brave the waves, the current, the seaweeds and to whatever that lurks below these waters.


Still, I could not find myself when was the last time I was here.

The place is strangely new yet familiar at the same time.  It is much cleaner with new benches and cottages.  The road still feels the same though.  The breeze from the sea smells the same and though some of the nearby sights have slightly changed, it was still a very familiar feeling.

You're My Sunset


The kinds of people are practically the same.  Friends, lovers, loners and mere passersby like myself.


It is a place of laughter and friendship, yet at the same time for some it is a place to drown their sorrows.

Finding Solace

The Wait


Wait and find for solace or savor the view and take as much breath as you can with your friends.  There are no restrictions here.  You can laugh your heart out, sing your heart out even if you don't hit the note.

Post Scripts


Some even take it further by immortalizing their names and messages as post scripts on any surface they could find.

The Invitation

The waters are still very inviting as if they'll pull you down like a magnet.  The stairs and the railings are new, making the invitation more direct and precise.

Looking Back

The Exit

But this place is not for forever.  You have to go back outside.  This is just a temporary stop, a breather, a place you could clear your thoughts before you dive back again to reality.  I still haven't figured out when I was last here.  I guess I have to cherish this moment, who knows this may be my last day here.


Ah, K of C!  Those were the days!  

by boholinteractive on February 11, 2012 at 2:08 AM. #

this place held secret memories of my childhood, sad and happy times, more than i could remember, when i was home and younger... now, so much has changed and it seemed like a stranger with a hint of familiality, still i want to see it for myself again, and hopefully get a big splash as i did way way back before... thanks for sharing this earl... 

by Gigi Campo on February 20, 2012 at 4:18 PM. #

Yes, the place changed so much.  Yet, it still remains the old familiar feeling.  You're welcome Gigi and thanks for dropping by.

by Earl on February 20, 2012 at 6:43 PM. #

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