Feb 23, 2012

Tagbilaran Rooftop

Sometimes we forget how beautiful home is and for the past ten days, I looked at Bohol with fresh new eyes.  Often times it takes visitors and guests to remind of you what is simple and yet beautiful at the same time.  Simple is not always beautiful and beautiful is not always simple yet when these two aspects converge they bring a force that will take your breath away.

Yesterday I get the chance to take a couple of friends a tour in the nearby towns of Dauis and Baclayon and man was I fascinated.  Warning, photo overload after the jump.

When routine takes over one's life, the good things around you gets blurred.  Last week changed all of that I and sought to capture once again why we fell in love with Bohol.

Hinagdanan Cave

It is ironic when you have friends come visit you.  You tour them around but in reality in an indirect way they are also touring you to re-visit your own place.  One of the best things about Tagbilaran City is that it is already surrounded by great spots.  We started off at the well-known Hinagdanan Cave.

Cave In

Way back in college this place was the after-beach destination to rinse off saltwater.  We would dive or jump from those huge rocks.  We would dare ourselves to swim across to the other side which was almost pitch black.  The water is crystal clear you could see huge roots below the surface.  There is also the occasional bat poo and pee since they live just right above us.

Cave Paintings

Cave Out

Baluarte, Dauis Panorama

After caving out, we head straight to the other side of Dauis and strolled at Baluarte.  I think Bohol is populated with spots like this.  A walkway that stretches out approximately a hundred meters or less out in the open sea.  Just like K of C Drive.

Dauis Heritage

Cafe Lawis resides at the heart of Dauis and has a small art gallery.  At the back of the Cafe is a boardwalk that is under a huge Acacia tree and is great for wedding receptions, brunch or just simply enjoying the view.

Under the Tree

Dauis Heritage Art

Baluarte, Baclayon

We left Dauis feeling breezed and refreshed.  We were set off to leave Dauis-Panglao Island and head off the next town, Baclayon.  The Baluarte here stretches longer than in Tagbilaran or in Dauis.  You get also a very wide view of the horizon in front of you as the sky stretches its expanse.  This is also a jump point going to Pamilacan Island.

The Rich Kid Jump

Staircase Buddies


Come Down!


At the end of the walkway is an approximately 30-feet plastic-raft-like extension. Oh, I was so thrilled when I reached the end. I was like, baby baby oh, this is g-r-e-a-t!


Baluarte, Baclayon Panorama

We left Baclayon and I was already thinking of things that I would want to do the next time I get the chance to visit.

Sunset Over Dauis

I never grow tired of watching sunsets.  Each day has a different sunset.  Different set of colors, tone and feel.  I know I had to stop and take out my camera when I saw this.  Beautiful, breathtaking and awesome.  Bohol, you never cease to amaze me.

Loboc Kaniadto (Early 50s)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artist: Boy Olano

Bohol just had its first Bohol Arts Festival and some of the exhibit are shown at Island City Mall.

Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Artist:  Eric Catot

Medium:  Mixed Media
Artist:  Eric Catot
We ended our day with an ice cream treat at The Buzzz Cafe.

The Buzzz

Buko and Pandan in Cabcab Cone

I do hope Bohol will retain its "probinsya" feel and not get crowded like Boracay or Cebu.  I hope its people will realize how vital it is to protect this unique Bohol way of living.

Seaview Night Shot Panorama

Some time in July you will see small flickering lights just over the horizon, but that's another story.  The adventure never stops here.

Seaview Sunrise Panorama

More photos here.


I'm not familiar with some of the pictures. Great pictures though! :D

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hahaha! wa ka napugos noh? hehehe!

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