Apr 2, 2011

Singapore Sunrise
I've been procrastinating for a year (oh yeah!) on my trip to Singapore last year.  Well it's a year now since the last time I visited Singapura.  But I know I had to after reading Mindanaoan's post on her Singapore escapade.  Anyway, here's a short post on my Singapore trip last year plus some tips.

Travel Blogger - Not

I envy travel bloggers on how they can write their trips painstakingly in detail.  So let's skip the part where I went to the airport, boarded, flew, landed, got my documents stamped and rode Mazzie on our way home in Singapore.  I'm not a travel blogger but sometimes I try to be and this is actually an attempt.  Anyway, unlike travel bloggers who travel (obviously) to a certain place and stay for like 2-3 days, this trip was not like that.  I stayed in Singapore for almost two months.

The first two weeks I was home sick.  Despite all the peaceful place, the disciplined traffic, the food (we'll tackle that later) I miss home.  This trip was not just a visit to Singapore it's also a chance for me to catch up with my Dad.  Every year it's either he comes home or some of us go their to visit him.  Yes, it's expensive but it's a must for a family to be together at least twice a year.

I deleted my Singapore photos on my Flickr account so you just have to rely on my words here.


I think it's like an unwritten rule that before you go somewhere else, you at least make some research about the place better yet, ask some friends who have been there.  Even better, if you have friends and relatives staying in Singapore ask them to guide you. Singlish makes Singapore unique.  I know the above video you can hear laughing on the background, don't mind him.  You have to flex your listening muscles and skills to learn and understand Singlish.  Also try to research terminologies because usually they are fixed.  For example "to reload" credits to your mobile phone you must say "top up" or else they won't understand you.


We're blessed that every time we go to Singapore we've got Mazzie to drive around town but from time to time I travel by bus or by train.  It's good if you can secure a travel card and I think it's much cheaper than by paying your fare by coins.

MRT & LRT System Map
If you've been to Manila's MRT and LRT you don't need to worry about the pushing and the diving in Singapore.  Almost everything is in order.

My siblings with Mazzie:  Scarlet, Charles and Lace


Singaporeans love food and I love food.  I love the hawker centers it's just full of, well, food.  Food selections are too many.  Singapore is a multi-cultural city so expect different types of food from different culture.  There's Chinese food, Indian food and a whole lot more!  There's also Filipino food in Lucky Plaza but if you're in vacation give your palate a different taste once in a while.

Mee Pok
Standard meals in hawker centers are usually 3 SGD, approximately 90 PHP.  But there are cheaper stalls, you just have to know your way around.


Singapore is not graced with natural wonders like ours but they have very good resorts and and themed parks.  Forget Enchanted Kingdom.  Here are some destinations that you might consider.  These are not cheap, so better come prepared.


Sentosa:  Asia's Favorite Playground

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Night Safari

Night Safari

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park
Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

Other spots include the Merlion, Esplanade and shopping at Orchard Road.


Most Filipinos converge at Lucky Plaza during Sundays but I would not recommend it, I have my own reasons. Sure, once in a while if you feel like having a little Filipino atmosphere. Staying in Singapore for a couple of months made me realize a lot of things. One of them is running which I'll try to cover on a separate post. Sometimes I wish Filipinos would try to learn from Singapore, I know we did.

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