Apr 3, 2011

Pan-Fried Scallop & Roasted Sweet Bell Pepper Salad
with Fresh Grapefruit Dressing
I found this presentation from my mom back when she was still studying at ISCHAM almost a couple of years back.  I'm not a food blogger but I can blog about food because I love food!

I decided to post more of these soon so you can also try this at home.  It looks simple, but let me know in the comments after you have actually tried it.

My mom is food genius, every time go back home to Bohol, let's just say expect some weight gain.  Even my dad who is a constant runner can easily gain kilos every time he goes back.  We're happy that she's already started Cake Garden and we're 1000% (that's an extra 0) full support.

Pan-Fried Scallop & Roasted Sweet Bell Pepper Salad 
with Fresh Grapefruit Dressing


For The Salad

  • Sea Scallops (fresh) 0.750 kg
  • Onion (red) 0.150 kg
  • Iceberg Lettuce (fresh) 0.250 kg
  • Grapefruit (fresh) 4 pcs
  • Bell Pepper (red) 0.800 kg
  • Bell Pepper (yellow) 0.800 kg

For The Grapefruit Dressing

  • White Wine Vinegar 0.060 Lt
  • Grapefruit Juice (fresh) 0.120 Lt
  • Grapefruit Zest
  • Onion (red, fresh) 0.70 Kg
  • Sunflower Oil 0.120 Kg
  • Pepper (white, ground) 1 pc
  • Salt (iodized) 


With My Ingredients

Mise En Place

Wash, rinse, sanitize all vegetables and grapefruits

Grate the rind from the grapefruit for the dressing

Squeeze the juice from the grapefruit for the dressing

Slice red onions for the salad

Chop red onions into brunoise for the dressing

Dry Iceberg Lettuce very well and tear into bite size pieces

Roast peppers over flame until the skin blackens and blisters

Remove the stems, seeds and cut into 2 cm strips lengthwise.
Pare, remove pipes and cut grapefruits into sections for the salad.

Marinate the sliced onions and sweet peppers with some of the dressing.
Set aside.

Method:  For The Dressing

Combine the grapejuice and vinegar in a bowl

Slowly add the sunflower oil, whisking constantly.
Add the chopped onions and grapefruit zest.
Season with salt and pepper.

Method:  For The Salad

Marinate the scallops with the dressing quickly

Season scallops with salt and pepper dredge in flour.
Panfry in butter.


Toss Iceberg Lettuce with some dressing and place nicely in a salad plate

Top with sweet peppers, red onion and sectioned grapefruit.
Top with pan-fried scallops.
Finally, drizzle with remaining dressing.

Final Presentation

Bon Appétit

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