Feb 28, 2011

I think there is a phase in life when one thinks that almost everything and everyone revolves around him. There used to be a time that I thought (probably unconsciously) that it's all about my dreams and hopes. Thus the "I Used To Be a Supehero" tagline was born. I think most people of my generation would agree that at some point in their lives we thought we went to school so that in the future we'll have a super job, a super car and be successful. At least, personally there was a time frame that my goal was something like that.

Travel, buy your own house or car, gadgets and the whatnot. When I pursued nursing we used to daydream about going abroad and living the life. Yes, I think it's pretty normal to have that phase in your lifetime but such a phase is neither true nor lasting.

Somehow as you grow older and as you gain more experience through people, books and work you'd realize that there's a dozen of responsibilities here and there. The more and more you are sensitive to these things the more your perspective will change. I used to think (again unconsciously) that my parents' strength will last but today I can see that they are growing older someday they may need to rest. In my line of work, we interact with patients everyday and hospitalization bills are not easy to deal with. It's been a blessing that for how many years we've been blessed with good health and we don't get to deal with frequent hospital visits. But times like that will come, it is assured. There will come a time when a family member's health will fail and you've got to deal with it from the ground up.

I used to be a superhero. Now I'm a nurse and a part-time geek.

With these thoughts and perceptions sinking in, it is high time for us or probably the younger generation before me to snap out of the superhero thinking. Everything does not revolve around you and you're not always in the spotlight.

My Mom once told me when she was younger she used to look at pictures of fruits, cakes and pastries. From a child there was a passion burning deep inside her to cook and bake. Yesterday, with God's grace and goodness she opened her own made to order cakes and pastries. I never have thought before that my mother also have her own dreams and passion. Sometimes we think parents are there to provide our own needs and wants. Sure, they do because we are their children and they love us but realize this: that they were also once like us. It's high time to take off that costume and deal with the realities of life.

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