Aug 4, 2013

6tagram is a full Instagram client for Windows Phone developed by Windows Phone addict Rudy Huyn.  Rudy also the same developer who brought 6sec, also a full client Vine app for Windows Phone.  Windows Phone users have been clamoring for an official app from Instagram for quite some time now.

Earlier this week Instagram altered their API due to "security reasons".  If you were using Instance, developed by Daniel Gary, you noticed Instagram automatically deleted every photo upload from Instance.  Unlike Instance, 6tagram got a go signal from Instgram itself.

According to Windows Phone Central:

Today, a new wrinkle has happened that is effecting the timely release of #6tagram: Instagram itself, who have reportedly made direct contact with the developer.

Though the app itself will have no support regarding technical issues from Instgram, at least it is not controversial app on a legal stand point.

Semantic Zoom

Semantic Zoom is also a unique feature to 6tagram, which allow users to pan in and out on the live feed.  You can either view content as tiles or in full detail.

Currently beta registration is placed on hold but you can check it out here if Rudy should be taking in more beta users.

With brilliant developers like Rudy, Windows Phone has a great chance on catching up with quality and even better apps than their iOS and Android counterparts.