Jul 16, 2012


If you're wondering why my Twitter feed is in a low-tide mode, chances are I'm at PSN gaming network playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Free-for-all or Team Deathmatch. I can't put into remembrance when was the last time I played (and got addicted) shooting games.

Long gone are the days of Counter Strike, Rainbow Six, Delta Force and whatnot. So for this post I'm just going to geek out about my exploits of late in MW3. The above video is probably one of my highest kill streak since entering Prestige mode.

I know I probably made at least to 11 before hand but still I'm no pro gamer so achievements like this is a highlight for me.

Anyway my perks are the following:

Sleight of Hand / Sleight of Hand Pro

Reload your weapons 50% faster than normal. Sleight of Hand is extremely useful with Light Machine Guns since they have long reload times.
Pro Ability: Pick up and swap weapons 50% faster than normal.

I have noticed that when I'm gaming I always pick out or use characters that have both speed and stealth. Traxex, anyone? Reloading, swapping and picking of weapons is 50% faster than normal and I think it is very crucial to my gaming style.

Quickdraw / Quickdraw Pro 

Allows you to aim down the sight 50% faster than normal. Quickdraw is ideal for quick-scoping with Sniper Rifles.
Pro Ability: Allows you to recover from equipment and grenade usage faster.

Another speed ability that I really love to use because I always aim down the sights. Always!

Stalker / Stalker Pro

Faster movement while aiming down the sight.
Pro Ability: Delays enemy detection-triggered explosives, like Claymores and Bouncing Betties.

Since I always aim down the sights, this ability is a perfect combo with Quickdraw.  Also gives me the edge of by passing explosives.  Yes, I'm a flanker.

My weapons of choice will be an assault rifle, the G36C with 2 attachments:  Silencer for stealth and ACOG scope or just a red dot.  So basically I have two similar Custom Classes.  The only difference would be one of the attachments and a secondary weapon which would be a Launcher or a Machine Pistol.

PS3 Limited Edition + Call of Duty MW3


Yes, I am partially that but there are times when I have those moments.  Moments that everything is everything is in it's place.  Your timing to cross to another section of the map, the right time to reload, the right time to throw your semtex or drop a care package.  If you're relatively new to the game it is imperative to master all the maps played in multiplayer mode so you'll know when and where to hide or camp.  Every map I have several spots as my camping place and usually they give me a maximum of 3-4 kills in one life.  Not really that bad especially you're on a killing streak.

Since I am relatively new, I just run, shoot and camp!  I find it rewarding to camp during the first 15-20 seconds of the game.  If you've got any tips, sound off on the comments below.  And oh, I'm spindust on PSN.

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